Friday, March 13, 2020


I'm on the fence if I'm reacting appropriately to Coronavirus. 

So far, in our county, there have been 0 cases of the virus. 

Yet everything is starting to close nationally. My company suspended international travel a few weeks ago and domestic travel yesterday. NCAA is canceling or suspending seasons, NBA, PGA, plays, school events are all being canceled.

We've had Trent and Drew home now for over 2 weeks, and I pulled Paige out of school yesterday because of several cases of {regular} flu in her classroom. So now we have spring break and hopefully no more time away from school. But I've already seen other schools deciding on 2 week spring breaks. I would love to have my kids home for 5 weeks!
I had 8 emails before 11:00 AM yesterday about Coronavirus and a 1-hour conference call. I got a little freaked out and almost lost it for a minute.

The one thing we've done to 'prepare' is buy extra groceries. No extra toilet paper, but yes, some cases of water and lots of frozen foods {pizza, lasagna, Trent's turkey burgers and chicken patties plus some fruits and veggies} and canned goods. Stocked up on spaghetti sauce and noodles, rice, dry beans. Plus we also have A LOT of deer hamburger and sausage meat and deer tamales - we could probably survive a few weeks on just our deer meat ha!

Yes, we are washing our hands a lot more - this is definitely a good thing to get in a better habit about. Yes, I'm running my essential oil diffuser more. Yes, we're taking more Vitamin D and colloidal silver and fish oil.

Am I reacting normally? Overreacting? Underreacting? I DON'T KNOW.... I think I'm going to go put another grocery order together. {grin}


Emily said...

“Alert not anxious” is my favorite response. Be informed, read the CDC & WHO websites (not the news!), understand why preemptive shutdowns are important (health care capacity), and prepare as needed but don’t panic. This is our country’s first giant disaster since 911 and our first medical disaster. We will have more. Many more. But we’ll learn from this one and then next time we’ll be more like South Korea than Italy.

Natasha said...

I also can't figure out if I'm reacting appropriately. Your question of under reacting/over reacting, who can tell? I'm trying to find humour when I can and be as flexible as possible. We are living in unexpected times, that's for sure.

Kathryn Bagley said...

Our schools closed last Friday the 13th until April 13th! a whole month!! Can you imagine if we were seniors in HS and our prom got canceled, any athletic events for your last year, sports banquet. I did not buy TP either but I did get a case of water and a gallon of milk..and lots of frozen pizzas and mac n cheese..ha!