Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Our New Sleep Number Bed

When I look back at old Currently posts, I probably listed a new mattress going back at least 18 months as my 'Current Wishlist' item. Brent and I bought bedroom furniture {that we still love} when we moved into our first house in 2006. We've been complaining over our current mattress for a few years now, but there was always something higher on our priority list. Well, a few months ago, we finally got to the point where this became a top item - we were both waking up every day with aches and pains, and we weren't getting good sleep.

I'd always been curious about Sleep Number beds. I knew 2 things: 1) people raved about them and 2) they were super expensive. Well, in August, my mom and I found ourselves in a mall with NO children, and this mall had a Sleep Number store. I told my mom I was curious about them, and she mentioned that she and my dad wanted a new bed too. So we decided to go in and try them out. We got the full experience with a sales person - we laid on the beds and learned an estimate of our sleep numbers, we got to try several different types of bed, it was great! The next day, my mom took my dad back and they bought a bed that day!

Brent and I went in December to try it out at our local store which had more mattresses to try in store, and of course, my favorite was the most expensive ha. We decided we were sold on buying a bed from there but wanted to wait until after Christmas and get one of the middle range ones.

Fast forward to a giant President's Day sale and the one next to the most expensive was 50% off!!! We went back to the store and tried everything out again and really liked the one on sale {the iLE} - I actually liked it better than the one I liked best in December {the i10}. And the sale specials were amazing - we got a set of sheets {we had to because our bed is split at the top} and new pillows too.

What's neat about these beds:
1) Obviously that the pressure adjusts to each person - we played around with it after getting it home and our numbers changed a little compared to when we were in the store. Brent is a 45 and I'm a 30 - which means Brent likes it a little firmer than me.
2) The FlexFit options - there are 3 different things you can do to the bed - FlexFit 1 lifts and lowers the head, FlexFit 2 also lifts the feett, and FlexFit 3 warms the bottom of the bed so your feet don't get cold. They were all pretty neat features, but we decided to go with the FlexFit 1 so we could lift and lower for reading, watching TV, etc. and since ours is a King, we got it split so we can lift separately. This is why we needed a special mattress pad and sheets.
3) There is under bed lighting so when you get out of bed it turns on to help you move around {go to the bathroom, etc.}.
4) The bed monitors your sleep and gives you a sleep score each night.
5) You can do everything from an app on your phone!

We got the bed delivered 3 weeks ago and we love it! I wake up feeling so much better than I did with our old mattress - no more hip or shoulder pain! I also really love the pillow I got. Yes, their pillows are expensive {but we got them buy 1, get 1 50% off}, but it's FOR REAL the best pillow I've ever had.

The kids thought it was so neat to be able to lift the mattress.
[This is the mattress without the mattress pad or sheets.]

My first night of sleep! My sleep scores are consistently lower than Brent's.
But there's a reason - see those red lines?
That's Paige waking me up and me settling her on her pallet every night ha.
But I think this shows how good it is with tracking!

I am so happy we bought this bed but also so happy we got a really great deal on it. I also know an entire post about a mattress solidifies that I am really close to 40. {grin}


Kathryn Bagley said...

Haha so funny we get excited about furniture now a days :)

Emily said...

I know so many people (my parents included) who rave over this bed but what I just can’t wrap my head around how it would work for us. Adam and I sleep in the middle of our king bed, usually entwined in some sort of spoon/cuddle configuration. I used to hate having someone touch me while I was sleeping but adam literally can’t sleep unless he’s entwined so after several years I got used to it. Like how would it work? We’d have to pick the same number for each side otherwise we’d be sleeping on a ledge?