Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Annual Night Before School Questionnaire

It's the first day of school! We're all flustered getting ready, taking our pictures, and remembering our morning routine. So here's our annual questions to kick off the start of school. Paige starts Thursday, so I'll post first day recaps Friday {I know you're all waiting with baited breath!}

First day 2018

First Day of School Questionnaire:

Favorite Color

Trent: Blue
Drew: Teal/Blue

Favorite TV Show

Trent: Liv & Maddie
Drew: She was trying to think of something off YouTube and I got annoyed and moved on. Ha!

Favorite Movie
Trent: Top Gun
Drew: Descendants

Favorite Toy

Trent: iPad
Drew: Fingerlings

Favorite Book
Trent: Harry Potter series
Drew: Unicorn School and her Beanie Boos Ultimate Collector's Guide

Favorite Food

Trent: Chipotle
Drew: Jelly toast and pancakes

Favorite Place
Trent: Nana's
Drew: At home with her family

Favorite Part of School

Trent: Recess
Drew: Watching the class lizard and reading

Favorite Part of Summer

Trent: Everything
Drew: Spending time with her family

Favorite Holiday
Trent: Christmas
Drew: Christmas

Favorite thing to Wear

Trent: Chewbacca shirt
Drew: Jean shorts

Favorite thing to do with Mom

Trent: Read Harry Potter
Drew: Snuggling

Favorite thing to do with Dad: 
Trent: Wrestle
Drew: Airplane rides

Favorite thing about Trent/Drew

Trent: When we're not mad at each other
Drew: Spending time with him

Favorite thing about Paige

Trent: Everything
Drew: Giving hugs

What are you going to be when you grow up

Trent: Paleontologist
Drew: Horseback riding teacher

Who are you going to marry
Trent: ...
Drew: I have no idea

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Natasha said...

Happy First Day of School to you!!!

Also, Rachel is also obsessed with watching stuff on YouTube which I find completely irritating. Ugh.

Also I'm going to check out Unicorn School for Rachel -- she needs some new books.

Kathryn Bagley said...

I love how Trent picks Ipad as his favorite toy! ha! Hope they have a great first day!!

Emily said...

I love that Trent’s favorite movie is Top Gun! I LOVE Top Gun. Ironically I don’t like Tom Cruise but I like all the rest of the movie (Goose, the music, the stunts, etc).