Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Five on Friday Tuesday

I have a lot of posts started that I can't seem to get finished! I feel like this summer has been very status quo, and there just hasn't been a whole lot to blog about. So instead of blogging about nothing, I haven't blogged! Hopefully, with changes on the horizon, this will change!


School starts TOMORROW!
I can't wait to share the girls' first day of school outfits - be prepared to die.
ALSO, Drew got Trent's lower elementary teacher, and I'm so happy.
I think their personalities are really going to mesh!

I have spent the last week in a tizzy of school supply shopping,
clothes shopping, shoe shopping, schedule checking...
I have a small list of things I need to finish, but we're getting there!


The end of summer...mixed emotions here...
On one hand, I think we're all fading fast - 
it's SO hot, the kids {except Paige} are getting sick of the pool, they're bored.
And some peace and quiet during my work day will be so nice.

On the other hand, I'm not sure any of us are ready for the chaos that the school year brings.
I'm already dreading the alarm clock on Wednesday.


I got my Jazzercise bag! 40 classes in 2 months!!
It was a lot of work {sometimes I had to do 6 classes in a week},
but it was totally worth it. I love a good challenge. {grin}


Trent and Drew seem to be losing teeth way too quickly for my liking.
Drew lost her first 2 teeth this summer, which is so fun.
And Trent lost at least 4 - maybe even 5 or 6!


Family Golfing

It's been hard to be outside the last week or so.
The kids are tired of swimming, and it's insanely hot.
[The high tomorrow is 104]
But we have done a little family golfing!
Trent is actually learning to play, Drew is starting to learn,
and Paige is just having a blast doing what the big kids do.

It gets me excited thinking about things we can do together as the kids get older.

Plus, isn't that sunset beautiful??


Emily said...

Ick 104? I’m dead just thinking about it. Today we are cloudy& mid 70s (but still humid so feels like low 80s), which is a very welcome break. Yay for back to school! While I love summer, I also love the routine of school. That said, we start 3 weeks to today and it feels so fast. Like this summer just flew by and we didn’t get to half ofwhat I wanted!

Kathryn Bagley said...

So proud of you for the class challenge!! Golfing with the fam looks fun..I wish we would have done something as a family together when I was younger!