Friday, August 16, 2019

First Days 2019-2020

We have survived the first days of school! We have had amazing mornings with no rushing or yelling or anything, so it's been so pleasant. Any bets as to how long this will last? {grin}

Trent is returning to the Guadalupe Community for his 2nd year in Upper Elementary {Montessori schools do classes for 3 years, so Trent will be in Upper El through 6th grade}. He had a great year in 4th with Mr. Blackburn, and I think he's a great teacher but also a great personality fit for Trent - they are both funny and sarcastic guys who just 'get' each other, which is so awesome. Trent learned so much last year, and he had great results from Texas' standardized tests {we got his STAAR scores over the summer - 4th graders take Math, Reading, and Writing - he scored Exceeds Grade Level in Reading and Writing and Meets Grade Level in Math - the school overall did really well - which is a challenge for a public Montessori since the learning style isn't really conducive to standardized testing}.

He had several friends move away over the summer, so he hasn't been super thrilled yet over who is in his class, but I know he'll make new friends - he has never struggled in that department! He's too talkative and jokey {like his mama} which can get him in trouble in class but is great for making friends!

Kinder ~ 1st grade ~ 2nd grade
3rd grade ~ 4th grade ~ 5th grade

Drew moved up from Children's House to Lower Elementary {1st grade - 3rd grade} this year, and she got Trent's teacher from 3rd grade, Mrs. Worcester. She and I were both super excited about this - Mrs. Worcester is SUCH a sweet lady, she's very soft-spoken and kind-hearted. I know she and Drew are going to get along fabulously. Drew's best friend from Kindergarten is in a different class, so that was a bummer, but she's already told me about 4 new friends! I'm really looking forward to seeing how much she learns this year - she is so excited to learn new things and loves school.

Casita ~ Casita ~ Children's House
Pre-K ~ Kinder ~ 1st grade

Little Paigey-Paige returned to her beloved Ms. Krystin and her Casita classroom. She has missed her class and friends all summer, and she practically jumped out of the car to get back! This will be her last few months in Casita, as she will transition to Children's House sometime in the fall. Part of me is sad because I know how much she LOVES Krystin, but I know they won't move her until she's ready, so these next few months she'll really get to mother all the little kiddos and boss everyone around. {grin} I'm hoping she'll get Trent's old teacher, Ms. Jody! 

The plan is for Paige to transfer over to Goodwater next year, but there's no guaranteed spot for her until Kindergarten, so we'll see how much longer we're split up between 2 schools. Right now I'm happy because I love both schools so much - and I know I'll struggle to tell CMS goodbye, but I do look forward to less time in the car!

Nido ~ Casita ~ Casita

I hope everybody else has/had a great first day and an awesome year!


Emily said...

I think it’s so fantastic that Trent has a male teacher. We have none in our elementary school (other than the specialist tech teacher) and I think we could use so many! (We also have all-white staff which also needs to change) I think it’s so good for boys, especially those who struggle to conform to stand school behavior, to have a strong male role model.

Kathryn Bagley said...

It's so crazy to see the transformations from one year to the next! They are all growing up. Can't wait to read about all the happenings from this school year! Love the girls outfits :)