Wednesday, August 21, 2019

All About That TEN-Year-Old

I've been really delinquent about posting all about Trent after he turned 10! I seriously am struggling to wrap my brain around the fact that I've been a mother for a DECADE.

Height: 54" {54%}
Weight: 60 pounds {24%}
BMI: 14.5 {8%}
Clothes size: 8/M
Shoe size: 3.5

By the numbers:
Inches grown: 2
Pounds gained: 4
BMI: down .2
Teeth lost: 3? This summer was huge for teeth lost so I might be blurring the lines here, ha.

I think at this point in life, there aren't a ton of changes to comment on - the changes are more subtle. I know this is to be expected, but it's still interesting to note - or at least for me!

School - Trent started upper elementary and had his best year ever last year. It started off rough, and the last couple of weeks got bumpy, but the vast majority of the year was really great. He had some good friends, really bonded with his teacher, did excellent on the STAAR test - I'm really excited to see how this year goes.

Activities - His favorite thing to do is play video games on the iPad with his friends. And he wants his own phone - UM NO. But since he doesn't get lots of screen time, he still reads an insane amount {I struggle finding new books for him to read}, he plays some with his Legos, LOVES basketball.

Friends - His best friend is our neighbor's grandson, Jaxon. He is also still extremely close to Miles. At school, his best friend was Asa, but he moved to Nebraska over the summer, big bummer!

Family - Trent continues to be a great big brother to Paige and a typical big brother to Drew. {grin} He dotes on Paige and loves to play with her. He tolerates Drew and is usually actively trying to make her squeal. 

He and Brent are starting to do more together - like golf - and I see the bond between them growing stronger. I think, to a certain extent, he largely tolerates me, ha. He and I still read Harry Potter together - we're in book 6! - and we both look forward to that time together.

Overall, this kid can drive me crazy but geez I love him so much! He is so fun, funny, and smart, and he's such a great friend and kid. 


Kathryn Bagley said...

He's growing so much! I love that yall spend time to read together. I think that's so special! You're doing a great job with him :)

Emily said...

10 just feels so OLD. Double digits. Yikes. That’s like almost halfway to drinking age lol.