Monday, September 28, 2015

Whole 30 - Week 4

I'm almost done, I'm almost done! I can't believe it, I'm almost done!

Timeline for Week 4

  • Days 16-27: Tiger Blood {see last week for definition} - I definitely have more energy and better concentration at work and overall feel REALLY good. I still can't seem to motivate myself enough to workout regularly which I know would help here even more...but I will take how I'm feeling any day!
  • Day 28: 28 is as good as 30...right? I guess this is a point where people are ready to give in because you are sooo close. Well, I'm fully committed to my 30 days, so I have no plans to stop!

Random Facts:

  • I bought a Kombucha last weekend at the store {totally compliant} but haven't had it yet. I can't decide if it is a gateway drug for me back to sugary drinks, so I am saving it.
  • Lazy meals, lots of lazy meals - the best part is I finally feel really confident with food to be able to make some random meals and think they are delicious. I'm experimenting more with recipes and trying stuff I wouldn't have tried even a few weeks ago.
Skillet-made hamburger patty, sweet potato with ghee, bell peppers, and a pear
The cupboards were BARE but this was YUMMY!

  • I have been meaning to try coconut aminos since I read about them but didn't get them until this weekend and WOW are they amazing. It tastes almost exactly like soy sauce but actually really good for you {the amino acids are considered the building blocks of protein blah blah blah healthy blah blah vitamins blah blah neutral pH blah more here}. I am definitely going to be replacing soy sauce with this FOREVER!

  • One thing I was worried about was getting bored with food, but I am not. Sure I am spending more time prepping, more time cooking, more time washing dishes, and all of that is annoying, but the food I'm eating tastes SO GOOD and I feel SO GOOD - it's worth it!
Homemade chicken salad {with whole 30 mayo} on a salad with coconut aminos
  • I'm starting to think about reintroduction - because Brent and I have a weekend away planned in a few weeks, I want to follow the reintroduction plan in the book to see if I do have any food sensitivities before we go away and then my plan after a fun weekend is to get right back to good eating. I'll be able to determine if I can have cheese on a regular basis! Interestingly enough I don't really care about having bread/pasta again - maybe rice on occasion?
  • I am REALLY getting curious about the scale and my measurements. I hope to see results {and I know I will based on how my clothes are fitting}, but I know even if they aren't miraculous {I would love to have lost 10 pounds but realistically think I'll see 5}, I am committed to continuing this journey!
So here's to seeing how the last 2 days go, how the scale and tape measure treat me and what I learn from reintroduction!


Anonymous said...

Way to go! Proud of you for sticking to it! Agree that the time factor is a pretty big deal, but sounds like it is worth it. - AP

Kathryn Bagley said...

You are one of the most determined people I know and it is very encouraging! So proud of you and can't wait to see your results!!

Karen Peterson said...

I think it's so awesome that you've gotten through this whole thing. You are awesome. And inspirational. I'm going to try this.