Thursday, September 17, 2015


So many times the kids will say something, and I'll think 'I have to write that one down.' And too many times I forget what it was when I finally get somewhere to jot it down. But I have a few funny things Drew's been saying lately that are worth sharing {and I know I'll appreciate having them saved when I'm old}.

When you ask her to do something, you're likely to hear her respond 'Absolertly!'

When you ask her if she wants to do something, she often says 'Maybe later'. 

 Sleeping in Bubba's shirt, needs 2 pillows, blankets thrown off, hair a mess, with an animal.
Yup, that's my girl!

She is becoming a master staller and constantly asks for '1 more minute' or '2 more minutes'. She obviously has no concept of time, so whenever you say that 1 minute is up, she immediately asks for '5 more minutes'. Sorry girlfriend, your minutes are up!

Mad at the world about something, hanging on me, hair a mess.
Yup, that's my girl!

Brent told me this one, and I still crack up over it: Trent and Drew were playing guns. Trent kept telling her 'fire your weapon'. Drew was confused. Finally she says 'But I don't want to be fire.' Brent explained that Trent means for her to shoot her gun. Drew then runs around the house yelling 'fire, fire!'.

Refusing to look at me, outfit chosen herself, 2 pigtails, watching Daniel Tiger.
Yup, that's my girl!

Oh my goodness, that girl! We wouldn't trade her for the world, but she sure is something! {grin}


the blogivers said...

I just want to eat her up in that first picture!!

Brent Gurley said...

I asked her why she ripped pages out of books. She screamed "because we have tape!"