Monday, September 7, 2015

A Long Break {Yay!}

My company gave us a 4-day weekend, so I haven't worked since Thursday. It has been a GREAT few days away from work. I don't know what has happened to me, but my picture taking is at an all-time low. I do have a few pictures to share but really it's pretty terrible how few I've taken recently.

Friday my mother-in-law and I used the gift cards Brent bought both of us for Mother's Day to go to the most amazing spa. I went 1 time before with my mom and sister {courtesy of our husbands then!}, and it was amazing then too. I got a massage, my MIL got a facial, we had lunch, and then swam in the pool. One of the best massages I've had ever, and the company couldn't be beat. I have truly the most amazing MIL, and we used to spend a lot of time together just the 2 of us. Since the kiddos came along, our time together has dwindled to almost none, so it was wonderful to get that time together. The spa frowned upon cell phones, so no pictures. Boo.

BUT...Trent also had an amazing day and I DO have pictures! My father-in-law picked him up and took him to a LEGO convention Friday after school. {Sidebar: His first week was AMAZING. He is having fun, loves having so many friends from last year all in his class, and seems to be really keeping himself together!}

Sitting with Mr. LEGO

Admiring his own creation that got put on display!

Saturday was a low-key day at home - the highlight was filling up the pool in the backyard and 'swimming' with the kids and me learning how to use our outdoor grill. Isn't my life so exciting?

Trent exercising with me!

Sunday the boys went out to my dad's farm to get it ready for deer season - I think this picture alone can answer whether Trent was able to stay entertained!

Drew has a little cold or allergies or something, so we just hung around the house, and she got some extra TLC and a few extra episodes of Daniel Tiger {she is obsessed}. She took a 4-hour nap, so I think it was good we laid low.

T ended up spending Sunday night with my in-laws, so after Drew went to bed, Brent and I watched some TV {We think we've decided on Breaking Bad as our next show because the last 7 episodes of Mad Men isn't on Netflix until next year - ugh! And yes, we are that behind that we've never watched Breaking Bad}.

Today, I took Drew over to the in-laws for some time with them and then hit up Whole Foods for Week 2 of Whole 30! Then I got a pedicure! 

So like I said lots of great stuff! Hope everyone out there had a great weekend too and got some much deserved time off work.


Kathryn Bagley said...

Sounds like a good labor day weekend! so glad T is loving school :)

Karen Peterson said...

That sounds like a fantastic weekend. I'm so jealous of your massage. I am in desperate need of one.