Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Life Lately

Lots of random pictures that didn't really fit anywhere else, so I thought it was high time for a Life Lately post!

A super cute picture from Drew's teacher - look at those Montessori kids folding!
Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE the kids' school?

I bought the kids house shoes just for fun. 
Trent picked a girl pair {owls} and Drew picked a boy pair {bears}.
Trent was sleeping in them the day we got them, too cute.
[Sidebar - so dumb there was a distinction in the store of boy v. girl for house shoes]

Hey kids! Smile! [or not...stinkers]

I told a story last week about Drew falling asleep in the car.
Here is the pic - with her hand caught in her hair and everything!

With help, I learned how to use our outdoor grill {thanks Patty and Brent!}
So we had the Patnodes over for dinner.

The babies having fun!

Drew was having a meltdown about something...typical these days.
Love LOVE love that Trent is so caring towards her.

T reading to D at bedtime.
It was funny because he got tired of reading and was just making up the story!

Playing together in Drew's bed consisted of T wanting D to jump on him!
He is under that blanket!

This about half of the laundry I folded this weekend. SO MUCH LAUNDRY.

Then Drew 'helped' me by carrying all her clothes to her rocking chair.
Don't they still look so organized? :/

Trent is so funny and will secretly tie knots in our tennis shoes.
I sent this picture to Brent {he went to visit a friend who just moved to Dallas}.
His response: I love his mind. {grin}

No pictures please! {Oops-the flash blinded her!}

Eating breakfast while we wait on Bubba to get up for school!

Bedtime hugs. Mommy heart exploder every time!

Drew's teacher put this on FB. I immediately asked if it was Drew, and it was!
Do I know my girl and her constant assigning of babies to people? Yup!


the blogivers said...

Ha, I just finished scheduling a random photo post for tomorrow myself! Sometimes there are just too many cute pics to keep to ourselves :)

Kathryn Bagley said...

pure cuteness! where did T learn how to tie those knots?! he's got some skills :)

Karen Peterson said...

What adorable, awesome, crazy kids you have!