Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Emmys Fashion 2015 - The Bad

And now the ones not quite bad enough to be Worst Dressed but definitely NO love going to these!

Anna Chlumsky
I don't like the color, the pattern, she looks washed out.

Christina Hendricks
She is curvy, not big. This makes her look big.

Jaimie Alexander
This is too heavy for her frame. She is so beautiful, but I don't like this.

Laura Carmichael
I like nothing about this. The pattern, the fit, the hair, the hanging strings.

Naomi Watts
This fits like a sack and the fabric...don't get me started on the fabric.
Love her make-up though!


Karen Peterson said...

I just wish Anna's dress was a little darker. Otherwise, I really like it. The rest? Ugh!

Kathryn Bagley said...

it looks like the back of Naomi watts dress has a different even more awful pattern to it..yuck!