Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Emmys Fashion 2015 - What I Wish I Liked

Did you watch the Emmy's Sunday night? I thought it was a good show, and I was so happy Jon Hamm won!

I mean how cute does he look?!

A lot of my favorite ladies looked okay. And from what I saw online and read about, there were some dresses I should have liked but didn't... So here's the dresses I either wish I liked or was cool enough to understand! {grin}

Amy Poehler
She looks like she's trying to be too cool.

Ellie Kemper
This looks a little too 1970s for me.

Amy Schumer
Her hair was too messy, and during the show {her acceptance speech!}
her dress just didn't seem to fit right.

Kerry Washington
 I love how this fits her, and I love her shoes. But...
It looks a little too much like chain mail.

Sofia Vergara
Normally she looks flawless - this seemed too tight.

Kiernan Shipka
 I love the concept of this but don't like the fabric/color on the top.

Taraji P. Henson
More chains? Just not crazy about Cookie's look here. [sad face]


Karen Peterson said...

The only one of these I liked is Ellie Kemper's. I know it's a little retro 70s ish, but I dig it.