Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fall TV - What We'll Be Watching

Fall TV is here! Brent and I kept busy this summer binge watching Mad Men, finishing shows we missed after we moved, starting True Detective {we haven't finished it...still on the fence}. But now we have a whole new season of shows!

What We'll Watch Together:

Law & Order: SVU

Brent and I've been watching this together for years. He complains about the unbelievable story lines every week and makes fun of my irrational love of Mariska Hargitay, yet he keeps watching it with me. {grin}


This was Brent's new one last season, and I quickly got hooked. This show is FIERCE. My favorite character is {#shockingnotshocking} Cookie. The season premiere didn't disappoint with some bad-A activities by Papa Lyon.

Breaking Bad

While we patiently {or not} wait for the last 7 episodes of Mad Men, our next binge watching show is going to be Breaking Bad. Yes, we are years too late to this party, but we both want to watch it!

I have a list of other shows I want to convince Brent to watch with me.


I have heard Bloodline is awesome. And you guys know how I feel about Netflix shows!


I watched the first episode and decided I wanted to convince Brent to watch this one with me. We'll get there I think...eventually!

Then I have a whole list of shows I haven't been able to convince Brent to watch.

Once Upon a Time

I have a love-indifference relationship with Once Upon a Time, but season 4 ended really strong, and I'm excited for season 5!

Downton Abbey

This show will probably go down in history as one of my all-time favorite shows. I asked Brent if he would watch the first 5 seasons with me before season 6 starts, but he turned me down. Boo. I am equal parts super excited for and dreading January - I don't want this to be the last season!

Game of Thrones

I am behind on this show, so I need to watch season 5. I've read the first 2 books and plan to get to both. I enjoy both a lot, but they are a commitment!

Grace & Frankie

I don't know when this will come back on Netflix, but I can't wait!

Modern Family

This is definitely one of the funniest shows on television! I love the dynamic between all the family members and love how each episode is funny and witty all at once.


I don't think this will come back until the spring, but I can't wait to see one of my all-time favorite book series continue on the screen. To be fair, book 2 was my least favorite of all the books, so I'm curious how it will play out on screen.

Lastly I have a few I'm on the fence about. {And yes, I'm wondering where all this time will come from to watch everything!}

The Bastard Executioner

The creator of this show created Sons of Anarchy. That alone should speak volumes. Sons of Anarchy was one of my obsessions last year, but it was so terribly dark. I'm kind of scared of this show!


I used to watch Grimm but found my interest waning...but now I'm kind of curious what has been happening, so I might pick it back up again...eventually!

So that's my very long, probably very unrealistic TV watching plan! What are you excited about? Anything else Brent and I should be watching?


Unknown said...

Bloodline IS good! So is Vikings. Game of Thrones was better the first few seasons. If you haven't watched Justified, it's on Amazon Prime. Highly, highly, highly recommend. I'm waiting on season 6, but it's the final one left. Brent would love that one too. :-)

Kathryn Bagley said...

Well you know what I'm watching and can't seem to finish! But I started watching Nashville when it first came out and then stopped so I've wanted to start it over and get caught up on that! I heard Blood and Oil is supposed to be good!

Karen Peterson said...

If you enjoy Modern Family, you should really check out The Goldbergs too. That show is SO freaking funny. I love it. It's my favorite current sitcom.

And yay for Breaking Bad!!

BG said...

I guess my tv watching is planned for the next decade