Tuesday, October 13, 2020


One of my favorite aspects of blogging is preserving memories I know I would otherwise forget. One of our neighbors was telling us some funny things her 4-year-old son had said recently, and I basically begged her to write them down. I know there are more I've forgotten over time, but these are some really funny ones from the last few months. These are also very Paige-heavy, but I think that's just because of the age she is compared to Drew and Trent.

Paige was in the bathtub and I was working near her. She had a little toy in the tub she was pretending was a cup. She kept trying to get me to drink from the cup, and I kept refusing She finally asked 'Do you want to try my vodka?' That child knows what I like!

We are working on Paige staying in her bed all night. So far it's been very unsuccessful, ha, but one night she told me 'I'm going to sleep in my bed tonight. Well help me pick a night. Vote in the comments below.' Too much YouTube perhaps?

My mom gave Drew a sign for her room that says 'No boys allowed.' On the way home, Drew announced the boys she WOULD allow in her room. It was every single boy she knew!

A few weeks ago, I got irrationally angry about Brent getting fast food. Brent encouraged me to take a breather and I drove around for a little while chilling out. A few nights later, Paige and I were talking about me 'leaving' when Paige was snuggling in our bed [see the story above about us being unsuccessful in our attempts to keep her in her bed] and Brent got up to watch tv in the living room and Paige whispered 'Now Daddy left'. 

Paige was in the bathtub another time with one Barbie talking to another: What is that on your face? Oh, a booger.

One of the first days of school when Paige was crying on the way to school, Trent told her 'Look, I don't want to go to school either, but we have to.' That cracked me up because Trent has NEVER wanted to go to school ha!

Paige at pickup after her first day at school: 'Oh hi sackie! I'm home from work.' [Sackie can't go to school with her and waits patiently in the car all day.]

After about a week of school, Paige told me at pick-up 'I FINALLY had a good day!'

We had our friends over for a lazy Sunday and were eating pizza and Paige was telling a story about her boyfriend calling her. She told us 'I had to breakup with him because he kept saying hate and shut up.' So funny! But then she topped it all off by having a 'conversation' with this boyfriend and she lowered her voice to have him say 'shut up hate' and she hung-up on him! That girl is something else! We all DIED laughing. 

I love these 3 goobers!


Kathryn Bagley said...

I love these posts..so funny!!

Emily said...

I just crack up over Trent's school comment. Not Aaron's teacher, but another in the grade had a similar comment over zoom. One of the kids interrupted a test to say: "Mrs H, I really don't want to do this" and the teacher threw up her hands and said: "Johnny I don't want to do this either!!!" I wish I could have seen it.