Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Monthly Musings: Fall and Halloween

I'm too late to do the link-up for this, but I liked these questions!

1) Favorite Fall Tradition?

I can't think of anything we do consistently every year EXCEPT decorate the house ha. I do love putting my fall decorations up in September, adding Halloween and Thanksgiving in October and November...all leading up to Christmas, which is my favorite FAVORITE holiday. Here you can see how I decorated last year. It's very similar this year with the addition of a few pumpkins...I always seem to buy more!

My favorite decorations...all the pumpkins!

I would say MOST years we go to a fall festival - sometimes it's a farm-type setting, it's been at our country club before, so not consistent on WHAT we do, but I do like to do something. We actually have plans for one this weekend, yay!

2) Favorite Halloween Tradition?

Trick or treating! I can't think of anything that screams Halloween more than that, can you?

3) What will Halloween look like this year for you and your family?

I highly doubt we will trick or treat this year which is a bummer {obviously I understand but it's still a bummer}, but because we have our friend family in the neighborhood, we are planning a 'progressive' Halloween between the 4 houses we spend almost all our time with. The kids are still going to dress-up {and look at me being prepared - we have our costumes already!}, and we will have an activity at each house. For example, we are going to get a pinata for one house and maybe do a scavenger hunt at another house. It's awesome that Halloween is on the weekend this year so we can really enjoy ourselves and not rush home for bedtime - and the parents will all love this too!

4) Share your favorite fall recipe.

I love soups and stews - give me potato soup, corn chowder, tortilla soup...BUT most of my family disagrees. Womp, womp! One recipe that Brent loves, and we make on a regular basis in the fall - spicy taco soup. It's too spicy for the girls, and Trent wouldn't eat it if he were starving to death, but Brent and I both LOVE it.

5) Favorite fall fashion staple.

I'm a fan of themed outfits for the kids - I can't get Trent in anything anymore.

I even have a few festive fall shirts!

For everyday wear, though, I'd say my style is just wearing what I wear all year long and throwing a cardigan over it since our winters aren't too cold. I am working on my winter wardrobe though because I do get frustrated when I try to dress cute and have so few choices because I don't buy a lot of long-sleeved stuff ha.

Favorite Halloween costume?

I had to pick the jack-o-lantern costume my MIL made for her niece over 30 years ago! All of my babies wore this costume their first Halloween, and I love it so much!

7) Favorite Halloween candy?

I'm a chocolate girl, and I love a mini Kit Kat the most! I will also chow down on mini Snickers, Reese's cups, and Twix!

8) Favorite family Halloween movie?

We don't really watch Halloween movies as a family, but I remember watching a Garfield cartoon a million times as a kid about Garfield and Odie going trick or treating and getting caught up with a band of ghost pirates - I loved that one! I did a quick Google search and found it on YouTube! I am totally sharing this with the kids!

9) Scary movies? Yes or no?

I'm not generally into scary movies, but there are a bunch I've seen over the years, and I can say I prefer suspenseful vs. just a true bloodbath horror film. I don't want to watch Friday the 13th or anything like that AT ALL, and I can remember seeing Scream in the movie theater asking myself why I wanted to go see it, ha. I had nightmares after watching The Ring in my early 20s, ha! I do however really like ghost/supernatural films - I've always enjoyed ghost stories. It made me laugh to see Natasha's response about Poltergeist because I do actually LOVE that movie!

10) Favorite fall beverage?

I don't drink it too much in the 'fall' officially, but it is my 'cold weather' drink - my mother-in-law's Cranberry tea! I get super excited when she makes her first batch. I will make a batch or two myself, but it is full of sugar, so it isn't something I need to keep in the house. You guys also know I love me a chai latte, but I drink that year-round ha. I especially love November 1 when the holiday cups arrive!


Kathryn Bagley said...

All the things Fall!! I need to decorate my house so I can get more in the spirit of the cooler weather :)

Natasha said...

I am going to have to check out that Garfield Hallowe'en movie because I think the kids would LOVE it. And yes, I'm still shaking my head over my Poltergeist movie watching experience... yikes.