Thursday, October 22, 2020

Blog Friends Book Club

So. Get ready for a new level of nerdiness from your girl...

I've started a virtual book club with some friends I met through blogging.

Pausing for you to get your laughs out... Okay!

I had this idea because for a few months Natasha, Emily, and I have had a virtual zoom happy hour. Natasha came up with the idea early in quarantine - so many people were doing zoom happy hours with work, family, friends, etc. so why not us? Brent doesn't really understand the lure of blogging {or really any social media}, so he thought I was a little nuts for wanting to virtually hangout with people I had never met, but it made perfect sense to me and sounded super fun! I genuinely consider both Emily and Natasha to be my friends and have had a blast on our monthly HHs.

THEN...I started thinking about the fact that Natasha, Emily, and Erika {who I HAVE met in person-and so has Natasha-which Brent also found super strange, ha} are where I immediately go for a book recommendation. And an idea was born...

When I approached the ladies, they all very enthusiastically said yes! Erika and Emily didn't know each other before connecting, but I think given Natasha and I were both vouching for each of them, they didn't mind. ;) Natasha chose our book, and we picked a date, and we were in business!

In perfect form, I got a surprise happy treat in the mail from my friend, Kathryn, the day of our first meeting, so of course, I had to wear my new shirt to our first virtual book club!

Now I've been in a book club for 8 years, and I don't think I've ever attended a meeting where everyone read the book. I also think my in-person book club usually spends maybe 30 minutes talking about the book. NOT the case with The Blog Friends Book Club {to be dubbed BFBC going forward}. Not only did all of us read the book, we had very enthusiastic discussion about the book for the majority of our 2.5 hour zoom. Natasha certainly picked a winner for our first meeting - we discussed women's reproductive rights {including but not limited to abortion and contraception}, adoption, post-partum depression/anxiety, motherhood, parenting roles, and so many other things. 


If any of those topics sound interesting to you {without being too triggering}, this was an excellent book! I will, of course, share more of my thoughts on my monthly book review!

We have decided to meet monthly, which is so exciting because my in-person BC sometimes has months between meetings, and we will rotate each month who picks the book. For November, it's ME!!! I feel a lot of pressure after the home run Natasha picked.

And it didn't happen if I didn't take a picture.
This was when my computer was acting up so my camera wouldn't work, ugh.

I had an amazing time and can't wait to talk next month!


Erika said...

It was so fun!!! Definitely a win!!

Kathryn Bagley said...

ummm why was I not invited to this BC??? :)

Natasha said...

It was so much fun and I can't wait for November!!!

Also, I've read this post four times today and it makes me smile so big every single time :)

Emily said...

I'm so glad you put this together! I am APPALLED that there are book clubs that don't read the book. I mean, I understand "book club" is often a code for wine & talking and I'm ALL for that too, but then... call it something else? I am such a stickler for proper procedure.