Friday, October 23, 2020

Five on Friday


I like supporting local bookstores, but sometimes they don't have what I need when I need it, and I end up turning to Amazon. Well, I just found out about where you can order books online AND support an indie bookstore. You select a bookstore, and a % of the proceeds goes to that indie store!


Grace & Lace shirts!

I hate shopping for winter clothes, but I got some cute tops finally!
I absolutely love Grace & Lace and am excited for some new stuff!
*Didn't plan on posting these pics online so my apologies for RBF*


I got a haircut!

I cut off about 8 inches of my hair!!!
It was SO long and unhealthy, and it feels amazing!


Trent's braces

This little snaggletooth is about to get braces!
When we went to the dentist last week {cavities for Drew and Trent, sigh},
we took pictures for an orthodontist consultation.
After getting details from the orthodontist, Brent talked to Trent about timing - 
we didn't want to rush him if he wanted to wait a little while,
but he commented that so many of his friends/classmates have them
that he'd rather get them now and be done before high school.
Holy cow... how is he old enough for braces?!?!


Someone got promoted

We turned Paige around to forward-facing!
My plan was to turn her around at 4, 
but I was trying to bribe her to be happy on the way to school.
It isn't working, ha, but she sure looks cute!


Emily said...

I see that you too are digging the new "neutral" (?) leopard print trend; I just ordered my first shirt of that style. I've never ever liked animal print before this but something about the more muted colors has spoken to me. TBD if I actually like the shirt and keep it!

Kathryn Bagley said...

Your haircut looks great! I wish I could pull off bangs. Love your shirts!

Natasha said...

We're getting haircuts next week and I can't wait!!! And Sam is going to have braces soon -- maybe even by next year. Yikes.