Friday, July 17, 2020

Five on Friday

Brent's New Truck

Once every decade, Brent gets a new vehicle.
Somehow, I manage to go through them much quicker - 
I've had 3 vehicles since Brent last bought a new truck.

Introducing...our newest family member!

Canvas Champ

We ordered a bunch of canvas prints from Canvas Champ,
and they were really affordable and came out great!

First, these are from our beach trip to San Diego in 2016.
{You can read about it here and here.}
I wasn't convinced we should print since Paige wasn't here yet,
but Brent thought they deserved to be printed.
I'm pregnant, so Paige has enjoyed looking at them and knowing she's in my belly.
We will most likely hang these on the wall here, 
but we are thinking of buying a new piece of furniture here,
so we want to figure that out first.

And of course our porch-traits!

These 2 are smaller and we are deciding where they will go.

These 3 will go together in the living room, and I'm so excited to hang them!

Headphones for the Girls

We are taking a weekend trip and wanted headphones for the car trip for the kids.
I found these cute ones on Amazon for the girls! Aren't these so cute?!
Drew picked a white bunny, and Paige picked Skye from Paw Patrol

School Update

After my post from Tuesday about my worries for school,
we had several updates from our region.
Several schools announced they will go 100% virtual for at least the first 3 weeks of school.
They also wrote letters to our education agency stating they didn't want to return to campus until hospitalizations are 5 or less/day.
Right now we are around 70, so this is going to be a long time.
Then our education agency announced they would fund schools 100% even if they stayed virtual which they weren't doing initially.
Our school hasn't specifically made a statement yet...but I find this interesting.

Can't Stop, Won't Stop

I got another bathing suit from Target and have another being delivered.
I also got a super cute romper! Nowhere to wear it but it is too cute.
Brent also gave me a thumbs up for each so high praise from him. {grin}
Reminder: I am not a fashion blogger and can only make weird faces apparently!

I think this is my favorite one yet!!! I didn't want to take it off, ha.

This is so cute, right?


Kathryn Bagley said...

Love the pictures! The romper is super cute!

Erika said...

Bathing suit and romper are SO cute!! Send me a link to those headphones! Millie breaks headphones in like 30 seconds, so I always need new ones. The canvas pictures are so awesome!!

Emily said...

That target bathing suit is stunning on you! I really have considered buying it for next year haha. So I’ll write a blog post too but our school just announced 2 on / 3 off days. Half of a class with go Mon/Wed and half go Tues/Thurs with everyone home Friday. Special exception for special needs (autistic support, etc) and new-English-learners who would go Mon-Thurs. And the school district is also offering a voluntary 100% online course that families can opt into and would commit to for half a year.

Natasha said...

I love that swimsuit!!! Rachel wants those headphones!

And our schools haven't come out with a plan yet. I think I heard we'd know by August 4th which is still more than a month until school starts. This should be interesting...

Oh, and I LOVE your canvases.