Thursday, July 16, 2020

Trent's 11th Year: The Stats

Time to check in on how this guy has grown in his 11th year!

Height: 56" {54%}
Weight: 64.5 pounds {18%}
BMI: 14.5 {4%}
Clothes size: 8/M or 10/L
Shoe size: 4.5 {same as me!}

By the numbers:
Inches grown: 2
Pounds gained: 4.5
BMI: down 4% {eek}
Teeth lost: 4, I think??? He has maybe 1 left to lose total and then BRACES
Clothes: He has been an 8 for several years and they are finally getting too small, his jeans are all MEGA high waters
Shoes: up 2 sizes

Same as last year, there aren't huge changes for Trent - it's not like he's learning to walk or eat food, ha. But he is changing and maturing, so it's really neat to see how he matures {or doesn't} from year-to-year.

School - This year was an utter shitshow for Trent. Looking back at last year's post, I said he had his best year ever. He decided to follow that up with his worst in a long time, sigh. Things had finally turned around right before he stopped going to school in FEBRUARY {remember we had the chicken pox issue before quarantine}.

Activities - Trent still loves to play video games on his iPad - especially with his friends. We actually bought him his own iPad for his birthday this year, and he is in heaven. We still limit screen time {although most days it's still more than I intend!}, so he has to find other things to do. He reads constantly. This is often a struggle for me because he has a high school+ reading/comprehension level, but the books that interest him are often more mature than he needs to be reading, so I have to work hard to find books that will interest him but not be too mature. We're debating The Hunger Games right now... He has also become OBSESSED with football. He played basketball again in the winter and didn't enjoy it. If we get to play sports ever again, he wants to play flag football. He pretty much never plays with Legos anymore - although he did some during a recent grounding {desperate times} and has given quite a few to a neighbor's son. 

Friends - Trent's best friend is Jaxon, who is our neighbor's grandson. They are 2 peas in a nerd pod. He also still really loves Miles, and even though Asa moved to Nebraska they still play games on the iPad or FaceTime together. He still likes Evelyn {his first girlfriend} who was at CMS with us and is at Goodwater too, and he had a friend this year at school named Cassidy, but they haven't talked since quarantine.

Family - Trent is nothing if not consistent with how he treats his family. He LOVES Paige and is rarely grumpy with her. He tolerates Drew, although they do enjoy playing Roblox together, and loves nothing more than making her squeal.

He idolizes Brent, will do almost anything with him, listens to him, etc. He continues to fight with me the most - we had a rough June where almost every interaction was an argument. He and I do still read together, although not every day. Right now we're reading Stamped.

Food continues to be a battle, although we largely know what he'll eat and won't eat and he's done great with negotiating for trying new foods. Some days are better than others, but we keep working at it! I would say his favorite food is a hamburger or cheeseburger - but just the meat, no bun. He's not a huge sweets kid, he definitely prefers salty.

He 'graduated' from behavioral therapy in May. I hope he doesn't need to go anymore because it is a sore point for him, but I love his therapist, so I know we have a good resource should we need it again.

Trent is so funny and sarcastic. It can be a blessing and a curse. He loves to make people laugh, but he can get in trouble for pushing things too far! He struggles to respect adults and is sarcastic a little too often with people he shouldn't be {me and his teachers!}.

Trent's favorite person in the world continues to be his Nana. I love the bond those 2 have. I think he would move in over there if we let him.

Trent is my messiest kid {although Paige might be up there}, he gets that from me 100%. He can clean his room and before the day is over, it's messy again. His closet is a wreck, junk under his bed...he just doesn't care!

No matter the ups and downs, overall we've got a really great kid! He is funny, smart, sweet, a great big brother, an awesome friend to have. We love him immensely, and I'm so excited to see what is in store in year 12.


Kathryn Bagley said...

What a great big brother! I can't believe in 2 years you will have a teenager..eek!

Emily said...

That’s really interesting about reading comprehension versus appropriate books. We are starting to get that predicament too with Aaron and having to navigate questions (that arise from his books) which I hadn’t quite expected yet. For now I’m just thankful he reads, which I’m sure you feel the same about Trent. Every education study ever shows reading as a very key part of success. So whew, at least we can check mark that box!

Natasha said...

I so hear you about reading comprehension/ability versus what is appropriate. We are there too and it's such a struggle. I'm sorry to hear that school was so rough this year. It was a topsy-turvy year in the end...

How will we have teenagers in two years?!?!?! I am NOT ready for this...