Monday, July 27, 2020

Who Wants Some Q&A??

Guys, who is surprised I am stealing another survey from Natasha? No one! I love reading these and writing them. I just can't help myself.

1. How many states have you been to?

Only 19, boo! {Alaska, California, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, Illinois, New York, Nevada, Colorado} Historically I have not traveled much in my life - this is a huge goal of mine to remedy, and now that we are done having children, it will become a priority {when we can travel again of course}.

2. What was the name of your first pet?

A goldfish named Blossom.

3. What is the longest flight you've ever taken?

7 hours from Houston to Seattle {just a layover in the airport so I didn't count Washington in my state count} on our way to visit Brent's cousin in Alaska in August 2003.

My college friend, Jessica, and me on a whale cruise.
Yes, this is AUGUST. We were SO cold!

4. What is your favorite family tradition?

I think just the routines we have for all our holidays - Brent and I have been celebrating holidays together for over 20 years and have kept up mostly the same routines all those years.

5. What is the longest distance you've ever walked or ran?

I ran a 10K on our treadmill which I feel like is kind of cheating. On the street, the most I've run is 5 miles doing the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day - I did it twice with my sister, the last time when pregnant with Trent. I used to run all the time as my main form of exercise and stopped after kids. I have picked it back up during COVID, doing it once or twice a week {I don't think I'll ever stop my beloved Jazzercise} and am trying to work back up to 5 miles. Last week I ran 3.5 miles!

6. What is the best trip you've ever taken and why?

I wish I could say our 40th birthday trip to Costa Rica...sob!

Instead, I think I have to say our trip to New Orleans in February 2016 but not because of the trip itself. While a fun trip, it was when Brent and I agreed to have another baby! 3 weeks later, Paige was cooking haha.

7. What was the first record you ever bought?

I don't remember the first CD I bought for myself but remember the year I got my first CD player and I got The Cranberries CD.

8. What color was your childhood bedroom?

Boring white. I never painted it. I don't think I ever thought about it or wanted to??

Not my bedroom but my childhood home - 
all the walls were this color

9. What is the scariest ride you've ever been on?

I can't remember the name but it was at one of the Disney parks in Florida and it dropped straight down. I HATE rides like that, no idea why I wanted to ride it?

10. Who was your role model as a kid and why?

Probably my mom. I remember thinking I had the best mom in the world, and when I was a kid I wanted to be a teacher too. Can you imagine if that had happened???

11. When did you first feel like an adult?

I don't think there was a moment where it hit. It was very gradual. I kept thinking it would be like 'Oh, I have a job, I'm an adult.' or 'I am married, live on my own, and pay my own bills.' or 'I am a mom.' Instead life has happened like 'Why are these nurses letting me take this baby home?' I definitely still have days where I wonder when all this adult stuff happened ha.

12. What is the last natural body of water you swam in?

I took this to mean full immersion in water instead of just like sitting in a river. So the last thing I can remember is when Brent's cousin and his family came to town the summer of 2017 and we went out on Lake Austin in his boat.

13. What is the hardest class you ever took?

Intermediate Accounting - A lot of it I never understood but could regurgitate enough to get a B ha.

14. What is a fact about you that nobody would ever guess?

I have a scar on my tongue. I don't remember this because it happened when I was around 2, but I fell in the bath tub and hit my mouth on the side of the tub and split my tongue open. My mom took me to the hospital but there was no way to sew it up, so now I have a big scar across the middle.

15. What's the worst spelling of your name you've ever seen?

My name is never spelled correctly - or pronounced correctly. Thanks Mom and Dad! It is almost always spelled Elena or Alaina. Both of those make sense ha.

16. What was the first concert you went to?

Fall of 1998 at Stephen F. Austin University {where Brent went} - the line-up was The Chicks as the OPENING act, Michael Peterson {one hit wonder} and Clay Walker. It was AMAZING! That same semester, on campus at A&M, I also saw Faith Hill {with Tim McGraw as a special guest} and Garth freaking Brooks!

17. What was the last concert you went to?

I think Sturgill Simpson in the fall of 2017. I can't remember anything since then. I'm hoping The Chicks tour {when it's safe} for their newest album. I LOVE it!

18. Where is the strangest place you've fallen asleep?

I can't think of any place that would be considered strange. I fall asleep easily in the car, and Brent loves to take pictures of me ha. But nothing weird is coming to mind.

19. Do you have any strange or regional names for things where you come from?

I'm sure according to others, a lot of what us Texans say is strange, but I would say everyone else is strange!

Fixin' to comes to mind. I legit didn't know this wasn't a common phrase until I was in college! Y'all has definitely become more universal but it's definitely still a southern/Texas phrase. I really do call people who live in the North Yankees. Another phrase that my parents used a lot when I was a kid that I think might be a southern thing is If it was a snake, it'd have bit ya. This was used when we couldn't find something but my parents immediately found it ha.


Emily said...

1. You’ve never been to Pennsylvania! I’m not surprised; there’s nothing here lol. But we will have to fix it with a trip to Philadelphia someday. 2. The scar on your tongue is interesting. I did not know tongues could scar. Somehow I only thought of skin, not muscle, as something to scar but it makes sense. 3. I had a chuckle about intermediate accounting being hard. Usually when people say accounting classes are hard, they don’t go on to big 4 firms. :) 4. All of your regional sayings are funny to me. I’ve heard most of them (all except the snake) in tv shows or movies when actors are imitating the south, but I never hear/use them in my daily life so it’s funny you do. If someone says “Yankees” Or “yankee” they 100% mean the baseball team or a player.

Kathryn Bagley said...

This was a fun post! Last concert I saw was Taylor! BEST.CONCERT.EVER!!!! well besides Garth which I got to see twice when he started his re-tour. So I had to look up Michael Peterson cause I was thinking surely she's not meaning the guy who sings "I love the way you love me" and nope that was John Michael Montgomery..I do remember the song Michael Peterson sang..and that one only..ha! I did like Clay Walker and was obssessed with Mark Wills (I have all his CD's still..ha)