Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Weight Loss Update

Well, as optimistic as I seem to was bound to happen. I backslid this month and gained back 2 pounds. SOB! I said at the beginning of June that I had a goal to get my eating back under control...well joke's on me because it was worse in June! 

But I do not want to spend the rest of this post beating myself up! It could have been worse, and I do have things to celebrate:

  • I have continued to be really active! I do 6 real workouts a week and then try to just move some on day 7 {take a walk, do pilates, etc}. I've stuck with my routine of Jazzercise, Body Combat, and 1 day of jogging. I am so excited though because we just got some Body Pump certified instructors, and I CANNOT wait as that is my ultimate FAVORITE group exercise class.
  • I've had more comments from others noticing! It's exciting when people are noticing and commenting on the weight loss being visible. I know it shouldn't be about this outward validation, but I was DEFINITELY an unhealthy size, so this is nice.
  • Things still fit great. I am really close to being down another size, and that will be 1 size away from my goal, yay!
  • I didn't go back up into another 'decade'. My mother-in-law calls every 10 pounds a decade.  So while I gained a little I stayed in the {high} 140s. I'll take anything at this point ha.
  • My BMI has improved! Under a normal BMI calculation, I'm still barely overweight, but I found an updated BMI calculation called 'Smart BMI' which takes a lot more into account, and under this I'm normal. Yay!
My 40th birthday is 4 weeks from today. I weigh 149 pounds, my pre-Paige pregnancy weight was 143. It's going to be a BIG stretch, but I would LOVE it if I could hit my pre-Paige weight by my birthday. Ultimately I want to continue to lose weight, so if I can just get myself going back in the right direction, I'll be happy, but my stretch goal is to lose 6 pounds. Fingers crossed!


Kathryn Bagley said...

You can do it!! I think I've told you this before but look up CXworks on youtube..i do that class prob 4-5 times a week and it really works my middle section! its a short 30 minute core workout but really works your whole body.

Emily said...

This is so normal! A big positive decline and then a setback. I have total confidence you’ll get in the groove again (maybe not 6 lbs in 4 weeks though!). I also like the decade terminology! I can’t wait to be in the 140 decade. Ive been hovering 150/151 for a while and I will jump for joy when that second number is a 4 again. Hoping by the end of this month. My Apple Watch challenge this month requires a LOT of running so I’m hoping that’ll propel me into the next decade. :)

Natasha said...

I think the major win is that you're being positive and not beating yourself up for a teeny tiny backslide. You're rocking this!!!

Also, I have no idea what decade I'm in. I need to get a scale (or visit someone with a scale) one of these days!