Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Currently: Anxiety Overload

Current Book

Really enjoying this one!

Current Song

I ordered both Taylor Swift's new album, folklore, and
The Chicks new album, Gaslighter.
I am thoroughly enjoying both!

I've listened to Taylor's 1 time all the way through,
 and my initial favorite song is betty.
It is explicit {f-word twice} and I made the mistake of listening to it in the car.
Trent {of course} is the one who caught it!

I just love The Chicks so much, they continue to be my all-time favorites!
{Adjusting to their new name is tough, but I'm so proud to be fans of theirs!}
Initial favorite after a few listens: 
Sleep at Night and My Best Friend's Weddings 

Current TV Show

I'm in episode 4 and this is excellent!
{Trigger warning - the first 2 episodes are about murdered 3-year-olds. 
I really struggled with that.}

Current Podcast

I'm finishing this one up, it is excellent.

Current Drink

Sipping some coffee as I write this!

Current Food

I had a grocery order to pickup today, 
so I stopped and got kolaches after. Yum!

Current Shame-Inducing Pleasure

I've been very lazy so far today, and it has been glorious.
I'm typing this up at 12:30 PM, and I've walked 1,400 steps.
Although I do plan to do jazzercise at 3:15!

Current Outfit

Picture before 3:15 jazzercise

Current Celebrity Crush

I know we aren't supposed to like Aaron Burr...
but can I like the man who plays him?
Just checked out his book!

Current Mood

So stressed thinking about school. 
You guys are probably sick of hearing my inner monologue.
For most people, whatever is happening at their own school is not ideal.

Current Anticipation

This little cutie turns FORTY in 10 DAYS!!!!!!!

Current Wishlist

For life to go back to normal.

Current Film

Allison and I always go to a birthday movie in August.
Our birthdays are 18 days apart. I buy her ticket, and she buys mine.
It's a special little ritual we have that I love.
So we've decided we are going to watch a movie together at one of our houses.
We are debating buying something that is a new release 
watching one of our favorites from the 80s.
For a long run, we watched Girls Just Wanna Have Fun on every sleepover.
So that's a big contender.... I can't wait!

Current Picture

2 nerds - Miles and Trent watching Avengers


Natasha said...

I told Dave that my neck and shoulders are permanently tense and I think it's the underlying stress of the unknown about fall -- for everything -- school, church, synagogue, dance, EVERYTHING. All this is to say, I so hear you on the current mood and current wishlist.

Also, you should totally watch Girls Just Wanna Have Fun for your birthdays! I've never seen it but it sounds perfect!!!

Emily said...

I had no idea the Dixie Chicks changed their name and when you mentioned the Chicks in earlier blogposts I brushed it off as some local fan band lol. I only know them for the Bush / anti-war controversy and their famous song “I’m not ready to make nice”. I want to hear TayTay’s new album before I buy it but I never catch it on the radio (never in the car anymore lol).

Kathryn Bagley said...

Someone's getting closer to 40! it's crazy to think that our class that have summer birthdays have turned 41 #dreading

Jinjer-The Intrepid Angeleno said...

Who is the actor that plays Aaron Burr and what is his book?

I just added Innocence Files to my TBW. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!