Monday, July 6, 2020

Trent's Covid 11th Birthday

It's one thing to be an adult and celebrate your birthday in quarantine. It's another to be a kid. I guess the longer this goes on, the more people have to do this, ha. Luckily for us, our first COVID kid birthday was Trent's, and he hasn't had a 'big' party to celebrate his birthday in YEARS {he historically doesn't do well with large crowds for his birthday, so we stopped celebrating that way when he was 4}.

His birthday celebrations actually started when we went to celebrate my mom's birthday. He and Miles asked if they could spin the night together, so my sister and I decided to swap a kid - she took Trent, and I took Blair. 

I had Blair for 2 nights, and we traded kids back on Wednesday...except I also brought Miles home and didn't give Patty any other kids.

My girl gang

Friday afternoon, I also picked up Trent's best friend, Jaxon. His grandmother is our next door neighbor, and she couldn't handle not seeing her grandkids anymore about a month ago, so we've played a little with them. All Trent wanted to do was hunt Pokemon on our town square and have burgers for dinner. Easy enough!

Trent and Jaxon {yes, it was 95 degrees outside}

My Pokemon birthday gang

After Pokemon Go and burgers, I promised the kids snow cones. Trent doesn't like cake or cookies, so I didn't get him a birthday cake. BUT both snow cone stands in our town were closed. Womp, womp. I spent $30 on candy at a gas station instead, ha!

Saturday afternoon, after dropping Jaxon off, and on the way to meet my sister, we finally found a snow cone stand!

Happy birthday, Trent!

On his actual birthday, June 30, he wanted to hunt more Pokemon, so I took the kids back to the square.

Masked up and ready to go!
{Nana-made masks, this is the weirdest thing ever}

Happy 11th birthday to this beautiful boy! {hold me}

We hunted Pokemon for about an hour and a half, and some of our neighbor friends were also on our square so we got ice cream together. 

All-in-all, I'd say Trent had about as good a birthday as he could have hoped for. We'll see if I handle it as well next month ha!


Kathryn Bagley said...

Looks like a super fun birthday!

Natasha said...

Covid birthdays are hard. It sounds like you found a lot of great ways to make Trent's birthday special and hopefully it will be one he always remembers for good reasons :) Happy (belated) birthday to him!