Friday, July 3, 2020

2020 Goal Check-In

I found it helpful last year to keep myself accountable on my annual goals but doing a periodic check-in. So let's see how I'm doing with my 2020 goals.

1. Trail Walks - I wanted to do 20 trail walks for the year. I honestly thought it was 15 before I went back and re-read my post, oops. We did 1 in January, and then I really stunk it up for a little while, especially at the start of quarantine. But our spring has been really solid and we are at 8! So not quite halfway, but I'm excited. And for full disclosure, I've expanded this to basically be nature adventures, so our recent span of river trips are counting ha.

2. Book Goals - I set some individual goals related to my reading, but I also set a Goodreads Goal of 100 books for the year.  As of the end of June, I'm at 49! So right on track, yay.
- Book Pile - I also set a goal to read or get rid of physical books that I have because I've had some for years. I'm happy to say I've done both. I read 3 books from my pile, am currently reading a 4th {that I've had for probably a decade!}, and donated quite a few. HOWEVER, I got quite a few more given to me {although I have read 2 of those as well}, so I'm not sure that my pile is SMALLER, but it's definitely more current??
- POC Books - I set a goal of 24 books by authors of color, and as of the end of June, I'm at 10. I also stated I wanted to read more books with characters of color with the kids, and with everything going on in the world, this has become a huge priority for me, and I'm going to share in a separate post the books I've bought for the kids.
- Books about Race - I also specifically wanted to continue to focus on my learning about race/racism and incorporate this with the kids. I've read 6 books so far related to race or racism. Trent has read at least 2 or 3, and as I mentioned Wednesday, I've got a few new ones to read with Trent and Drew.
- Classics - I set a goal to read 2 classics this year, and the book I've had in my book pile for a decade that I'm currently reading is a classic, so I'm getting there on this one too.

3. DiTL Quarterly Posts - 2 for 2 on this one! If you want, you can check out January here and April here.

4. Knitting or Sewing Class - I wanted to get Drew signed up for either a sewing or knitting class. This obviously died with quarantine. BUT she did get a finger knitting book for Christmas, so we really need to bust that out and start working on that! I wonder if I could find something online too...???

5. Photo Books - So my goal here was to decide whether I wanted to make photo books or not and eventually work backwards to making books for basically the past 15 years. I have pretty much decided I want to do them...and did a few months for 2019 and haven't kept going, ha. I'd like to get 2018, 2019 and 2020 done this year and set a goal going forward to do 2 extra books a year. So yeah, I'm really far behind on this!

6. Antiracism Work - Well, if this isn't just the most timely goal there ever was. I'm going to do an entire accountability post about this in the coming weeks. What I've been doing, what I'd still like to be doing, and I'm hoping y'all will share anything you've been doing and we can support each other!

7. Trent - Fruits and Veggies - My goal for the year was to end it with Trent consistently eating 2 fruits and 2 vegetables a day. At the start of the year, he was eating apples, carrots, and bananas almost every day, so we were doing okay, but I was really wanting some more variety for him and hitting 4 EVERY day. He has been such a trooper and has tried sweet potatoes, green beans {fresh and frozen}, cucumbers, and bell peppers for vegetables, and all but the sweet potatoes were a big fat fail - he threw up the green beans both times, ha. He will eat sweet potatoes, but they aren't something he's eating daily. He will also eat a little bit of raw spinach if there's a bribe involved but nowhere near a serving. For fruits, he's added green grapes, pears, and pineapple, yay! He doesn't love them, but he's willing to eat them and said pineapple tasted good. The downside here is he still isn't consistently eating enough each day. So I would like us to hopefully find 1 more vegetable that he'll eat and then get to where he's eating 4 servings every day - a lot of days it's still just 1 or 2 servings. But we're getting there!! We also just talked this week about experimenting with smoothies to get more spinach but not go crazy trying to pack stuff in there. He's onboard with working on this - especially because we talk about the health benefits of what he's trying - so I'm optimistic about this one!

Man, overall I think I'm doing pretty good here! Obviously not perfect, but I've never scored a 100 for goals ha. How do you feel about any goals or resolutions that you have?


Emily said...

I love that you were focused on POC authors, racism books, and anti racism work even before the social explosion this spring. I think the work we’ve done in the past (mainly reading books) helped us appreciate this movement more than be overwhelmed with it. Still lots more work to do, but loving our progress. Also, I call literally any nature adventure “hiking” even if we only go 0.1 miles. :)

Kathryn Bagley said...

Would you count like the V8 fruit/veggie juices as getting his daily intake? He might like that?? I am always so impressed with the amount of books you read. I'm still reading May's BC book..ugh!

Natasha said...

Firstly, I want to echo want Emily said about anti-racism work. And also about the nature walks!

I have no advice about the fruits and veggies. I'm so glad the kids (mostly) love the food which comes in our CSA because I don't know how I'd introduce them to new veggies otherwise.

I am impressed with how well you're doing on your goals. I was doing monthly goals before quarantine hit but now I'm basically just trying to survive. I may go back to monthly goals in September. We shall see...