Tuesday, April 21, 2020

It Was Almost Normal

I mentioned early on in lockdown, that one of our highlights of quarantine was Drew learning to finally ride her bike. We got her a bike with training wheels when she was 4, and that was what she learned to ride on. It was painfully small, but we didn't want to spend money on a new bike and her hate riding. 

Well, homegirl is LOVING riding her bike and wants to go every day!!! 

So we decided we needed to get her a new bike, which isn't the easiest thing to figure out when you aren't going anywhere. Then I remembered my parents had a bike that was the right size. With 6 grandkids born in a span of 7 1/2 years, they have A LOT of bikes and tricycles. I asked if we could come borrow that bike and they happily agreed.

The girls wanted to come along, and I reminded them a dozen times that we couldn't go inside Babs and Pops' house, we could touch or hug them, etc. But let me tell you, we had such an amazing time! We spent 4 hours with them, all outside, with maybe a smidge of touching ha.

The girls rode bikes and trikes, we chalked on the driveway, Drew learned to jump rope {my mom taught elementary PE for 25 years!} and talked and talked and talked. Man, I missed my parents and can't wait until I can HUG THEM!

Our driveway and sidewalks are pebbled, so I've been dying to do this chalk art.
It was so fun!

This one was MOST DEFINITELY in her happy place!

[Sidebar: My mom has this antique doll that she keeps in a rocking chair in the living room. All of the kids call her 'the old lady', and when grands come over, the old lady goes on the fireplace mantle. Well, sometimes my parents forget to move her and the kids go NUTS when they 'catch' the old lady in the rocker. Every time we have FaceTimed with my parents, Paige HAS to know where the old lady is. And that sneaky old lady is constantly in the rocking chair! Of course she had to ask on this day where the old lady was ha!]

Our masterpiece!
And being super careful with my dad - 
he has really bad asthma and constantly has lung infections and had pneumonia before Christmas - I lectured both him and my mom about staying home ha.

When it was time to leave, the girls were NOT ready, and I laughed and told my parents if I said 'All right, I'm leaving' and pretended to go, I bet neither one of them would have followed me. They would have been so happy to spend the night ha!

Counting down the days until we can be with all our friends and family again!


Natasha said...

We had a socially distanced visit with a friend yesterday for about half an hour and it was SO GOOD! I too can't wait until we can hug everyone again.

Kathryn Bagley said...

Sounds like just what yall needed!!

Emily said...

This is cute! We see my parents once a week for a social distance walk where the boys ride bikes on the road while my parents stay on sidewalks. We have to be super strict because my mom works as a dietician in a nursing home and if she brought it to work, then dozens of people would die.