Monday, April 13, 2020

A Corona Easter

We managed to have a pretty darn good Easter even though it was very different than we typically enjoy. #duh I wanted to have as much fun stuff as we could since we couldn't go anywhere or see anyone, and I think we succeeded!

First, we had an egg hunt here. I started trying to find about a week ago and wasn't having much success - to order candy, it was either going to be stupid expensive or not get here in time. Luckily, my mother-in-law had already got Easter candy for her egg hunt {that we hope to have in June, ha}, so she gave me her candy.

I ordered them some small gifts from a local bookstore - Paige I got a Little Critter Easter book and a Berenstain Bears Easter book, Drew 2 books recommended by the book store {Lily and the Fin and a Thea Stilton mouse book}, and Trent a board game called Ravine. Trent loved his game - we played 3 times!, Paige was excited about her books but then wouldn't let me read them to her, and Drew cried because she didn't like hers ha. Luckily, they'll get a few more small things from Amazon later this week - a Barbie mermaid for P, a 1-piece bathing suit for D, and a Baby Blues comic book for T {he LOVES comic books}.

I had the kids put on their Easter outfits to take pictures, and they surprisingly, cooperated! I think it made it easier that we didn't actually go to church? 

The money shot! XOXO

Then we let them loose in the yard!

He asked me when he would be too old to hunt eggs.
I love that we have a little longer for him to be a little boy.

Showing off her candy

I meant to get a picture of all 5 of us but didn't. Sigh.
But I'm happy I got this one!

We took 2 golf cart rides around the neighborhood.

My sister organized a zoom call with my parents and both our families - the kids were really excited to see their cousins. We're going to try to do that every few days, it was nice to see each other!

We busted this out, but the kids said it was too cold and windy. Boo.

Super windy on ride #2

Then we decorated cookies we ordered from my friend, Heather.
She's the one who made the cookies for D and P's parties.

I don't think Heather has to worry about the kids taking her business!

We finished the night with hamburgers grilled by Brent and a final round of Ravine where I died, ha!

This time is so surreal - everything just feels odd - but I do think we're having fun and making great memories with the kids!

I hope you were able to have a fun weekend/holiday as well!


Natasha said...

I think those cookies look great! And we all got out of pjs at one point -- does that count as "dressing up"? I think our Easter was good because I had no expectations and was able to buy some chocolate at the grocery store on Thursday. Phew.

Emily said...

I am the lamest mom when it comes to Easter eggs & candy. I put one single M&M in each egg. That’s it. The kids always loved it and were never the wiser to my lameness. Then last year, a couple of our neighbors organized a huge Easter egg hunt and put like real candy and toys in the eggs (please note: our JEWISH neighbors organized all this lol). I thought my cover was blown. But somehow their were zero complaints about my single M&M in each egg this year so maybe they forgot???? Or maybe they just know their mother is lame???