Friday, April 10, 2020

Our Typical Easter

I loved this post that Mix & Match Mama did to talk about our regular Easter routine...since we aren't getting that this year, sob.

First up, OUTFITS! In the last few years, I've started buying the kids matching or coordinating outfits. It is so fun having girls who can match/coordinate!

Terrible picture of T and D, but she had the CUTEST little dress for her first Easter!

Here's where it starts to get real, y'all!

Loved these outfits so much!

The year I discovered Eleanor Rose...

What will they wear this year?!?!

Now how do we actually celebrate the holiday??

We go to my parents' house on Saturday for a big celebration with my mom's siblings and my cousins and all our families. We used to always go to my grandparents' and since they passed away, we go to my parents'. My mom is 1 of 7 kids {4 are still alive}, and when everyone is together it's at least 40 people. We hunt eggs, my dad BBQs, and we just visit and have a great time.


Some of the 1st cousins' kids.
The big kids hid and the little kids hunted.


Taking it back a few years!

Yes, we let our kids play in buckets in their underwear.


My dad, the BBQ champ!

We also celebrate Blair's birthday on occasion...
This year was her 1st birthday and I made her cake!

On Easter Sunday, we go to church and then head to Brent's parents late afternoon for a meal and celebration. We hunt eggs, do confetti eggs, and have a great meal again.

Church in 2017 with my parents XO


Egg hunting time!


Confetti egg time!

Even Paige couldn't escape

 Drew got confetti too in 2013!

It was fun but a little bittersweet to look through all these pics, since we'll be alone this year. I've got some gifts for the kids from a local bookstore, and we're debating Brent going to buy candy to hide eggs - is it worth it to go into a store?!?! - and I'll definitely make the kids pose in their outfits ha. I think we will still have fun as a family, but everything this year is just so weird!

How do you celebrate Easter?


Natasha said...

We usually celebrate Easter by going to church and enjoying the amazing congregational singing of all the great Easter hymns. Then if the weather cooperates we have a BBQ and side salads. Last year we celebrated with friends but that is rare.

I really missed the church service yesterday but other than that it was a pretty good day.

I love the confetti eggs -- that is super fun!