Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Coronavirus: The Real MVP

It's an understatement to say things are tougher than normal right now. I don't want to overplay my situation, as overall, we feel pretty good. However, I think we can owe a lot of our success to one family member.


Drew is saving our sanity single-handedly. You might wonder how given she is a highly dramatic and extremely silly 7-year-old. By playing, entertaining, helping with, loving on, and basically raising Paige. {grin}

Paige loves her siblings and loves to do whatever they are doing. But Trent is 7 1/2 years older than Paige so doing 3-year-old things isn't always his cup of tea. He adores Paige, but playing with her isn't really something he will do for long amounts of time.

Drew, on the other hand, can entertain Paige and come up with ideas for stuff they can do for literally hours. Babies, school, Hatchimals, Barbies, coloring, riding bikes, swinging, chalking, building blocks, you name it, they do it together.

It has been so amazing to have big chunks of time where all 3 kids are self-entertaining, and I strongly don't believe we would have that if Drew weren't so keen to play with Paige.

It warms my heart to hope this will continue for a lifetime of sister love!

Here's just a sampling of my girls hanging out.

Puddle stomping


Coordinating outfits

Scavenger hunt walks

Golf cart rides

Puzzle building


Love this little girl biker gang {grin}


Bedtime buddies

Being cute while Mom and Dad move rock

I have friends with just 1 child, but that child is Paige's age, and they have it so tough compared to us with 3 kids. Everyone quarantining at home needs a Drew!


Natasha said...

Go Drew!!!

I absolutely agree with you. The real MVP of our quarantine has been Sam and Rachel's amazing relationship. Sam is so patient with Rachel and Rachel is pretty much willing to do whatever Sam wants and it's awesome! I've said to Dave so many times, I have NO IDEA what we would do if they fought all the time (besides go insane, clearly!).

Kathryn Bagley said...

I am almost certain me and my sister were not BFF's til I went to college..ha! So glad Drew loves P!