Friday, April 3, 2020

How Low Can I Go? April Weight Loss Update

March is over, and it's time to report on how I did and what my goals are for April!

As of March 1, I had lost 7 pounds, and I was hoping {knowing it was really unrealistic} to lose 8.5 pounds in March. Well, I did NOT lose 8.5 pounds in March, but I did lose 3.5 pounds. While that probably doesn't sound like a lot, I'm actually really happy with that amount, and I'll tell you why.


Being trapped inside my house all day, working full-time, raising 3 children, and trying to help them do school work is stressful. #duh I could have easily used this as an excuse to just let go and eat/drink whatever I wanted. Instead, I decided to view the fact that I have basically no social temptations as my chance to focus on my health goals.

-I am exercising consistently 4 times each week. I do jazzercise on demand once, a HIIT workout once, a weight circuit once, and I've been doing a weekend run {well, jog}! I figured now was a good time to switch things up and try some variety. Both of my runs jogs have been just over 3 miles and not quite a 12 minute/mile. Nothing to get excited about, but I'm pretty proud of myself.
-I am mostly tracking my food using My Fitness pal. Am I snacking some? Definitely. Do I care? Nope.
-I am definitely consuming less alcohol!
-I'm not eating fast food. It's hard to get it right now, although some places are delivering, and we are trying to support our local economy where we can, but I've stood strong on this.

End result: I am the lightest I have been in 18 months - I was a little smaller when I finished Faster Way to Fat Loss in August 2018 but gained all that back ha. So I am very happy with where I am - clothes are fitting better, starting to get lose and I can see it when I look in the mirror. Still another 20+ pounds to go, but I'm very encouraged!

Goal for April: 5 pounds! This will probably be my monthly goal every month. I need a little more time to see if I can swing more than that and still feel sane, ha.

And because Emily requested a you go! {grin}


Kathryn Bagley said...

Way to go!!! I think depression has set in a little bit for me and as much as I thought i would be eating more I'm eating less. In the past 3 weeks since this pandemic has started I've eaten popeyes once and my fav mexican once (all drive through of course). So I'm proud I'm saving money in that aspect. I've been eating a lot of cereal-cause I just can't muster the energy to cook #imstruggling But super proud of your workouts and getting out and running/jogging :)

Emily said...

1) YAY GRAPH! Love visual aids. :) 2) Congrats on the 3.5! I lost 5.5 which, like you said, is not as much as I wanted to lose but still counting it as a win. 3) I’m 100% with you on the social distractions. I always eat & drink more at parties and restaurants with friends so having NONE of that should really help. I look at it as “if I can’t lose this weight during quarantine, I probably never will”

Allison said...

That's awesome! Working FT with kids at home is no joke. I started tracking calories in my Noom app again this week. It's cumbersome but I know it forces me to realize what I'm actually consuming. We have more food in our house than normal, but the lack/increased difficulty of convenience food outside of the home helps. Good luck with April!

Natasha said...

I am sooooo impressed with your loss. Working from home, homeschooling three kids, and everything else going on is HARD. The fact that you lost weight is so amazing. I know I gained this month :)