Thursday, January 30, 2020

Life Lately - January 2020

It's photo dump time! I like doing these little month-end updates to share/remember the normal life - stuff not cool enough to get its own post but stuff that I want to remember always!

We started out the month with Lego building...

...and silliness!

Making a birthday wish

Movie snuggles...we watched How to Train Your Dragon 2

I like how they're sitting alike

Every night, this one ends up in our room.
I keep a pallet on the floor next to the bed for her.

Trail Walk #1 - Complete!

Movies with her sleep sack and thumb - her perfect day!

Nintendo time with friends!

Goggles at breakfast? Why not!

We've had some beautiful days to enjoy outside.

Went to a Chamber of Commerce dinner in our town.
Had fun prom posing with our group, ha!

We're doing her horseback riding twice a month now.
And she spends 2 hours helping care for the animals before her lesson.
She LOVES it!

AND it's hard work!

Making more progress with Drew's room transition.
I hope to have them finished someday soon.
Still need to figure out book shelves for Trent and paint in Drew's room.

First real haircut for this one. 
Aunt Patty's mullet chop from a year ago was looking raggedy, ha.

And a much-needed trim here.
I need to do better about getting her hair trimmed regularly.

She suckered me into this headband. But it's so cute, right?

A balloon with the haircut? YES!

I promise Trent is in our family, he just hates pictures ha. And I guess the same could be said about Brent. I'll try to do better in February!!


Kathryn Bagley said...

I love how P's hands are on the steering wheel getting her hair cut! ha!

Natasha said...

I agree -- it's always a struggle to a) remember to cut Rachel's hair and b) to resist any cute headband she wants. Ha! And have you done a whole post about horseback riding that I've missed (entirely possible)? I think that one does deserve a post!