Monday, January 27, 2020

Currently: Bring On Spring

Current Book

Current Song

An EXTREMELY hard jazzercise butt routine
but a super fun song!

Current TV Show

Couldn't resist after all the raving on Instagram!

Current Podcast

Fascinating to hear 2 British journalists talk about all things Royal Family!

Current Drink

My fabulous MIL got me a chai today, yum!

Current Food

Schlotzsky's BBQ Chicken Jalepeno pizza, so so good!

Current Shame-Inducing Pleasure

How off-rails I have been with evidenced by drink and food above, ha

Current Outfit

If this doesn't scream ALLENA, I don't know what else would.

Current Celebrity Crush

Elizabeth Holmes is my new favorite on IG {@ehomes}
She is a journalist who writes a lot about the Royals - yes, I'm obsessed - 
my favorite thing she does is SMT - So Many Thoughts - 
where she talks about clothes.
It might sound silly but she got a book deal off it about 
how fashion is very important to the message the Royal Family wants to send.

Current Mood

Is January over yet???
Ready for some sunshine instead of the dreary days we've been having.

Current Anticipation

One of my best friends is moving into our neighborhood!
Kelly and I have been friends for over 20 years - 
we ran track together in high school, lived together in college,
were in each other's weddings...

Current Wishlist

We are really getting to the point where a new mattress is no longer a wish but a necessity - 
I'm hoping we can make a decision really soon.
I wake up every day with my back hurting.
Hopefully it's the mattress and not that 4-0 is right around the corner!

Current Film

Allison and I plan to see 1917 and Ford v. Ferrari in the next 2 weeks.
Brent agreed to watch Marriage Story on Netflix with me
And I think that's all I'll see of the Oscar films, will be 7 of 9!

Current Picture

I went to training this week for my manager promotion.
Got to spend time with 2 people on my team, yay!


Kathryn Bagley said...

Fun news about Kelly! I haven't heard about Cheer BUT Taylor has a new documentary coming out on Netflix..can't wait!

Emily said...

So wait, what is on your current outfit shirt? Kind of looks like Star Wars to me. I started Cheer and I’m through 2 episodes? I don’t think I’ll watch anymore; it’s just not holding my interest. Marriage Story on the other hand was super well done but also sooooooo depresssing. Adam Driver is excellent.

Natasha said...

I am really wishing we had Netflix so I could watch Cheer. EVERYONE is talking about it!