Friday, January 17, 2020

2019 Goals Recap

I can't post my goals for 2020 if I don't first talk about how 2019 ended!
Family Motto: Organization - I continued my theme from 2018 {'A clean home is a happy home'} and worked to be better organized with house responsibilities. I think I do continue to improve in these areas {having the kids be responsible for their rooms, doing chores after school, helping pick-up}, but I wouldn't say I'm nailing this yet. I think 3 small-ish children and a full-time job play into this a lot, and I may just never be where I want to be with this until the kids are out of the house, ha. What I do love is that I never gave up and just said 'Eff it, let's just have a messy house!' So lots of good, and I will continue to truck along with this!

Individual goals:
1. Damnit Already - Lose the Damn Weight - Well I didn't get it all off, but by the end of the year I was the lowest I'd been in 15 months and am down a pants size. With 40 looming and a big vacation to go along with it, I'll keep trudging along! I'm loving jazzercise, and I signed up for another challenge in February {you know I love my free tank tops}, so I'm feeling really optimistic about where things sit. I still have a long way to go, but I'm going to celebrate where I'm at instead of beat myself up over where I wish I were.

2. Try New Meals - We tried a lot of new meals this year! I should have kept track of them, but I would say at least 1 a month? A lot of them were stinkers but we found a few new ones to add to our rotation.

3. Back on the Picture Uploading - I got 2018 done, so it seems I trend to being a year behind always ha. I would like to get into a routine of doing this monthly...time shall tell. But I at least made progress on this one.

4. Reduce Weekend Screen Time - I sucked at this for a while in 2019 still, but I've made a lot of progress in the later part of the year. That's not to say there aren't days where the kids watch way too much, but overall we are doing better. And to clarify, I think we all need a day here and there to zone out and be on screens the whole day ha.

5. REPEAT - Get Outside!!! - Doing MUCH better here! I think this is going to be a goal forever until we are outside for an entire day on a regular basis, ha, but I'm really happy with our progress. The summer is easy because of the pool, but we made a lot of strides the rest of the year too.

6. REPEAT - Finish Trent and Drew's Baby Books - I got Trent's book finished, yay! Drew's was in a lot worse shape, so I focused on knocking Trent's out and am going to continue to work on Drew's.

In conclusion I wouldn't say anything was a 100% success but nothing was also a 100% failure. I'm working on my goals for 2020 being more measurable!

How'd you do with your goals for the year?


Kathryn Bagley said...

No goals here..but trying to embrace being 40 this year..blah..ha

Emily said...

Yay for getting outside! I would prioritize that as the most important so I think your success there is awesome!

Natasha said...

It sounds like you did a pretty good job of making major progress towards all your goals so GO YOU!!!

I've discovered that I can achieve my goals better if I put them into measurable amounts -- drink this much water, be outside for this long every day, etc.