Monday, January 13, 2020

Grow Baby Grow {Paige} - 3 Years!

My last baby is definitely not a baby anymore! Paige Noelle is officially 3. Looking back at Drew's post from turning 3, a lot is similar between my girls, but they definitely have their own personalities and ways of doing things.

I think it's obvious what our 3-year-old loves!

Height: 36" {26%}
Weight: 27 lbs. {13%}
BMI: 14.65 {17%}
Diaper: size 4, only wearing at bedtime
Clothes: 24 months or 2T, I'm thinking about getting rid of all her 24 month clothes and replacing everything with 2T because I have 2 TUBS of 2T and that would definitely free up some storage in the garage...ha
Shoes: 8
*I was shocked to see that Paige is smaller at 3 than Drew was!*

There have been a lot of changes in year 3 for Ms. Paige. She stopped nursing, came out of her crib, change classes at school, changed rooms...A LOT! It has been a very busy year but lots of fun too.

Paige continues to be the star of the show around here - Trent and Drew both fight over her attention, it's really funny to watch them interact with her. She plays really well with both of them and can pretend play with Drew {school, shopping, cooking, Barbies} and then run around getting chased by Zombie Trent the next minute.

She is still a great eater with a varied and wide diet - she loves a ton of fruits and vegetables and will try just about anything. She is influenced a lot by her sister claiming something is gross, so I get onto Drew to keep her mouth shut!

Paige loves everything pink! She loves baby dolls something fierce. Her current collection in her bed is 6 babies: Baby, Carter, Rebecca, Sara, Jessica, and one we haven't named yet. The names she gives them crack me up, and she is very particular about who sleeps where. She loves cake pops from Starbucks and sugar of any kind. She loves makeup and stuff that big people have {cell phones}.

She LOVES to swim! She rocked the pool this summer and lived her best life. She did amazing at her swim lessons and is a little fish. She 'practices' a lot in the bathtub and asks multiple times a week if we can go to the pool. Just about 5 more months, ha.

 She loves to be held and snuggled. I've tried to put her in the Ergo so I can use my hands, but she actually hates the Ergo, ugh. She constantly wants me to pick her up. I know I'll miss it someday...

She loves school and her teachers, but she's also really excited to {hopefully} be at Goodwater with Trent and Drew next year. She talks about it a lot!

She still sucks her thumb and it is still the cutest thing ever. She will definitely need speech therapy and orthodontia. {grin}


By and large, Paige is very easy-going. Sure she has her 3-year-old moments of pitching a fit when she's told no or that it's time to turn off her beloved 'play doh' {watching YouTube videos on the kindle}, but she is SO chill.

Bedtime continues to be our main challenge with her and mainly her staying in her bed the whole night - which she doesn't. She ends up on a pallet on our floor every night at some point and sometimes ends up in the bed which is NOT something I EVER let the other 2 do. Dang spoiled last child.

Paige is still rear-facing in the car, and I'm not quite sure when she'll forward-face. The law is now 2 years and 30 pounds, so I'm sure it'll be at least another 6 months. I turned Drew around at 3.5 {when the law was still 1 year and 20 pounds}, so I'm not in a huge rush. Drew was 28 pounds at this could be a while, ha.

I continue to be so thankful every day that Brent agreed to a 3rd baby - thinking about my life without her is so sad. Paige is a ray of sunshine, has an infectious smile, and radiates joy and happiness. We constantly get comments about her personality! I know I'm a broken record when I say this, but she is the perfect caboose for our family! XO, Paige Noelle!


Emily said...

I’m so happy to hear Texas updated their car seat laws. PA did too about two years ago. My neighbor is a pediatric ICU doctor and we often talk about the difference of rear-facing vs forward and booster vs 5-point harness. We were going to put Aaron into a booster full time when the baby comes (right now he has the booster for local roads and 5-pt for highways), but after a long discussion we opted to move Aaron back to 5-pt harness full time. He may feel like he’s the only 7 year old in a 5-pt harness but too bad!

Kathryn Bagley said...

She is TOOOOO cute!!