Monday, January 20, 2020

Drew's 7th Year

The upside to having your daughters' birthdays be 12 days apart? Joint well checks! The downside? Documenting it all! I'm crawling to the finish line of annual updates, and I'm sure y'all are tired of reading them too, ha. BUT I can't jip my sweet Drew, so here's how her year stacked.

Weight: 40 pounds {5%}
Height: 3'9" {9%}
BMI: 13.89 {12%}
Clothes size: XS {4/5} or 5T
Shoe size: 12

'Though she be little, she is fierce' could sum up our Drew Kathleen! She remains our tender-hearted, thoughtful, kind little girl. She loves her family something fierce.

Drew LOVES school. Her progress reports have been excellent! She has Trent's teacher from 3rd grade, and I think it's a perfect match. Mrs. Worcester is very gentle and kind, and Drew is just blossoming. Her reading has exploded, and Mrs. Worcester said she is getting lessons a lot with the second graders and is more mature than most of the other 1st graders. Love getting this kind of feedback on her!

She has a lot of activities and passions. She is enjoying her dance classes and is doing lyrical and tap. She loves tap! She also started horseback riding lessons and loves it, she really has a heart for animals. She is also very big into art. She loves drawing and writing and also doing crafts. I'm always impressed by her creativity.

Most of the time she is the best sister. We try to play up her role in the family - she is the only one who gets to be a little sister AND a big sister. She mothers Paige and they play together amazingly well. She and Trent don't have quite as much harmony - he can't help teasing her and she has no ability to ignore him. But they do play some video games together {Bee Swarm and Minecraft}, and it's cute watching them interact.

Drew is my biggest helper. She is always willing to help me clean, fold laundry, cook, anything. 

She has lost 2 teeth and has 4 wiggly ones. Trent lost 5 teeth in the same span of time, so she's definitely behind him.

Her 'style' has changed a lot this year. It's now a fight to get her into a dress, and she wears a lot of black and gray. Pink is definitely NOT her favorite color, and I catch myself wanting to buy her something that is so cute, and then I remember her new style, and it makes me a little sad, ha. 

She is still a very good eater when it comes to fruits and vegetables. She isn't wild about meat and doesn't like cheese by itself, but overall she is a good eater. She loves tomatoes, broccoli, cooked carrots, peas & corn and a ton of fruits. I love that my girls are such great eaters!

She still rarely lets me fix her hair. She usually wears it down or in a ponytail to school. If I bribe her or tell her way ahead of time, I can get her to do something else with her hair...but not often.

Drew is very snuggly - she loves hugs and to cuddle. She still 'worries' her hair but luckily not as much and she never gets knots anymore. Just the other night I went in her room and she had fallen asleep holding her hair. It made me wonder if I'd find her that way in high school or college.

She has a little collection of girlfriends - some going all the way back to her CMS days. I love watching her little friendships grow. She loves playing with our neighbor's granddaughter. She probably loves playing with Blair the most and loves when they get to sleepover together. She still prefers to be at home, and we sometimes have to force her to stay with our parents, ha.

She has such a chill personality but can also go from 0 to 100 really quickly - largely because of Trent. She can also be really silly and weird. She likes to make people laugh by making weird faces or being goofy. She has always been our more shy child but is growing out of that a little.

Drew is a great middle child and such a wonderful friend, sister, and daughter. Her kindness continues to amaze me, and I wonder what she will do when she grows up - I know it'll be something with a giving spirit. We love you, Drew-Drew!


Kathryn Bagley said...

She's the cutest and such a mini you!

Emily said...

I know you don't love it, but I love the black/gray look on little girls! It's a very punk rock-y look that is so cute.

Natasha said...

I love reading these in depth updates about your kids. Drew sounds like Rachel with her love of dance, love to help, lack of letting you fix her hair, and playing Minecraft with her big brother.