Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Baby Gurl Bumpdate - 28 Weeks

Holy cr@p.  I am in the 3rd trimester.  In a quick 12 weeks (give or take), I will be responsible for another human being. I may or may not have had a moment of not being able to breathe this week thinking of that fact.  

This week's OB visit included my glucose test and an extra ultrasound due to my larger fundal height at my 24 week appointment. Ultrasound says she is big. Every measurement they took was 30-31 weeks (head, belly, leg bone, weight). I am in the 78th percentile. Well, Trent was 8 pounds, 9 ounces which was 75-90%. My doc wasn't concerned and neither am I.  Plus, I know u/s has a large margin of error. Fundal height was 30 weeks (it was 27 at 24 weeks).

Weight Gain: 20 pounds - I actually feel really good about that number. I didn't write it down ever with Trent, but I'm pretty certain I was more than that by this point with him. Go me!

Maternity Clothes: Yup. Only a few workout related things aren't maternity.

Movement: Still going nuts in there. She moves around a ton throughout the day (love it) and utilizes every inch of space she has.

Sleep: Getting harder but still not worth complaining about. It's harder to roll over and that kind of stuff but again not bad.

What I Miss: I realized this week it's uncomfortable to sit on the floor to play with Trent. That sucks.

Cravings: Still loving hot chocolate, chocolate drinks. With Trent, I drank the cr@p out of some chocolate milkshakes. (Hmm...a 45 pound weight gain you say? Crazy!) This time it's either hot chocolate or chocolate almond milk. A smidge smarter. BUT I did read in a 'best foods to eat during pregnancy' book how good chocolate milk is for you for the calcium in the milk AND the antioxidants in the chocolate. Who knew I was so naturally smart?

Symptoms: Still mainly just regular aches and pains. A little bit of restless leg later in the evening. Still some sciatica. My friend, Veronica, mentioned prenatal yoga today and I thought 'duh', so I'm going to check that out soon. I always meant to go with Trent and didn't, and I think it could be super helpful.

Best Moment of the Week: Ultrasound! Seeing her move is so fun, and I love that I got an extra peak at her.

Worst Moment of the Week: Charley horses! Two nights in a row! I grabbed Brent one night because it just shocked me so much. To wake from a dead sleep to blinding pain is not fun. I also had a nasty twinge of sciatica on a late night pee run that caused me to moan. I am starting to freak Brent out, poor guy.

Other Random Stuff: I am still on a high from the sprinkle. Rocked a mad sale at Old Navy and got Baby Gurl, T (time to start switching out seasons for him) and myself some stuff. 8 things total for $65. Score! Did I mention I am breaking up with my OB? No? That's a fun be continued. {grin}


Unknown said...

Looking great my friend!

plauschinat said...

I'm glad the ultrasound went well. I can't rave enough anout prenatal yoga. I had a DVD I did every week with Harper and I felt great.

Anonymous said...

Prenatal yoga! Did it & really liked it. - Allison