Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Ramblings

Brent was gone this weekend on a fishing trip. He really pulled a fast one on me with this trip.  He won it this summer in a golf tournament. I have a good {like whoa good} golfer of a husband, and he plays competitively throughout the summer. Normally, he brings home dolla dolla bills y'all.  This time? A fishing trip. So you got to spend the day away golfing and you won a weekend away. Not fair. I managed to still have a great weekend.

Friday we had a great dinner for Aunty K Dub's birthday. Trent was SO good the whole time.  Miracle.

This little stinker kept me company on a Starbucks and taco run. We had breakfast with Babs, Pops and Uncle Bruce. And of course, Blanket came along too!

We went to the pumpkin patch. Best picture we could get.
Did you see my great post at AMB about this place?

Face painting and cheesy smiles anyone?

My MIL just HAD to have T for a few hours on Saturday evening.  Oh, geez, twist my arm to let her have him so I could hang out with a friend for an evening.

Sunday morning Pops took T on an adventure (I think people are starting to feel sorry for me.  I'm not complaining.), so I got to go to church with just my mom.  AMAZING homily.

Brent surprised us by coming home earlier than I expected, so this mama hightailed it to the nail salon for a deluxe pedicure.

Dinner of Schlotzsky's wrapped up our weekend.