Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Too Cute

Too cute is Trent saying his big boy bed was wonderful.
{And a semi-sneak peak of his room as it slowly comes together.}

Too cute is Trent playing on his rug with his trains and saying it was awesome.

 Too cute is Trent singing while in the bathtub:
'Brrr, it's cold in here.  There must be some Trentys in the atmosphere'.

Too cute is Trent willingly eating apples at dinnertime and once for snack.
And then eating raisins (another old 'no way' food) for my dad.
This mama wants to cry!

Too cute is this little ham with her first pigtails.
And dirty self.
And handprint on her head???


the blogivers said...

Ha, love his bath time cheer! :)

KristenW said...

Adorable pics!! How sweet of T to say his bed was wonderful:) Love!