Monday, October 1, 2012

Sprinkled with Love

A few of my friends honored me with a sprinkle on Sunday.  I had such a great time celebrating Baby Gurl and spending the afternoon with some of my favorite people.  Baby Gurl got some great stuff too, so that never hurts! {grin}

Pics with my moms, sis, and hostesses

I just couldn't make a collage of all the amazing decorations.  The ladies outdid themselves - everything was beautiful and the food was amazing!  The hostesses know how I feel about roses, hearts, pink and monograms, so the decorations were right up my alley.

The cake!!  Didn't Rhonda do an amazing job?
I guess our class has been paying off for both of us!

Rhonda also bought a Cricut (pronounced cricket, I didn't know) and made all of the cutouts.  
Too stinking cute.

I got a little grief for Baby Gurl not having a name, but all the 'G's were so fun!

More Gs, hearts and pink!!

These are now adorning my kitchen table.

And, of course, it wouldn't be a sprinkle without gifts!
Baby Gurl got so many great outfits, her first girly cloth diaper, and we even got our double stroller and big girl car seat!
We are so loved and blessed!

Brent even 'oohed' and 'aahed' over the great stuff, too!

*This post was not sponsored by the exclamation point.  I used it so much because I love it!!!


the blogivers said...

Showers (and sprinkles) are the best! Glad you got some good stuff!

plauschinat said...

What a lovely celebration! That cake is beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Your dress is FAB and so is that cake icing! Yum.