Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Paige - Heavenly Seven

I finally had Paige and Drew's well checks last week, so we are on the home stretch of ALLLL the updates needed. {grin}

Height: 46.5 inches {24%}
Weight: 45 pounds {21.4%}
BMI: 14.6 {29%}
Clothes size: XS or S
Shoe size: 13/13.5
Teeth lost: 1 {for a total of 8}

When I think about our caboose and the year she had a lot has stayed the same - she is still our funny, joyful, helpful, happy girl - but some things have changed for sure - her style, new school, new activities. There has been a lot!

Paige changed schools in November, and she still loves school and loves her new classroom and teacher. Her first progress report at her new school was a GLOWING review. She is exceeding expectations left and right and is doing great socially too. 

This girl makes friends wherever she goes. She has an infectious personality - she is joy personified and people radiate to her. I can't wait to see what she chooses to do with all this charisma, ha.

One big change this year has been her sense of style. She went from a girly girl wearing dresses non-stop to morphing into a mini-Drew with athletic pants and crop tops being her style of choice. It has also led to A LOT of meltdowns over clothes, and I'm seriously about to implement a uniform for this child. Looking back at Drew's 7 year update, and she hit the style switch at the same time - between 6 and 7, very interesting!

Paige is still involved in Girl Scouts and is loving it! She played a second season of soccer and is playing basketball right now. She did cheer camp last summer and loved that as well, she wants to do it again this summer and try volleyball - I think we're going to have a social butterfly and will spend a lot of time coordinating her activities ha. When I think of her in high school I see SO many paths for her.

She continues to be a really good eater. She loves fruits and vegetables and tries A LOT of foods! She tells me all the time to 'make me a plate of food' and I can give her a lot of variety and she scarfs it down. She is our best eater.

Paige still sucks her thumb and LOVES her Sackie. She did a round of speech therapy this year which helped a lot but we still have a ways to go with her tongue thrust, and we won't really be able to complete all that with her still sucking her thumb. She is starting to get self-conscious about it and doesn't suck her thumb at school but also tells us she isn't ready to stop. So we are just being patient and letting her decide what is right for her. 

She loves to play board games {Uno is a big favorite right now}, loves to read - graphic novels {Dog Man!}, I Survived series, Magic Treehouse series, Owl/Unicorn Diaries, and of course our beloved Baby Blues comics. She is weirdly into Calico Critters right now too. We got rid of almost all of the Barbies and the Barbie Dreamhouse {she pitched a HUGE FIT over that, yet hadn't played with it in months}, but she is big into Calico Critters ESPECIALLY if Drew will play with her. She likes art but nowhere near as much as Drew who remains our little artist.

Her 2 favorite things are candy and her iPad - both habits I understand but also don't like ha. She is way more addicted to screens than Drew - about on par with Trent at this age. 

Paige has made big strides in the sleep department, yay! She still struggles to fall asleep alone but is consistently staying in her bed at night! She sleeps in Drew's top bunk a lot, but even when she sleeps in her room, she stays almost every night. This has been HUGE!

She is such a social butterfly. Every new thing she tries with new people, she has a new best friend. She is always asking for play dates and is very frustrated she can't have sleepovers yet!

Basically, this kid is the cat's pajamas, and I am thankful every day she is mine! 


Natasha said...

Oh, I LOVED this update. I feel like she is looking more like Drew. And also, she's looking OLD!!!