Friday, August 7, 2020


Y'all. Somehow Brent and I made a big parenting mistake. We managed to avoid this mistake with the first 2 kids, but here we are...failing with #3.

Paige is sleeping in our bed. Like every night. 

We went through the same thing with Drew - when she came out of her crib, she came into our room, she went into Trent's room, she wanted to sleep in random places - it was basically a disaster. We put her on a pallet on our floor, and eventually she stopped waking me up and would just get on her pallet, and then after a while stopped coming in. 

Paige is truly a dream child in so many ways. But NOT sleep - she has consistently been our worst sleeper. She had every sleep regression known to mankind. I really didn't think anyone could be worse than Drew, and she has proved me wrong!

When she came out of her crib, she was scared to fall asleep in her bed. I don't understand why, but she was. If I sit in her room while she falls asleep, it's not a problem. I sit in her room in the glider and read on my phone or work, and as soon as she's asleep I leave. I've never had to do this with either of my other kids, and Paige was content to go into her crib awake, so this has been a surprise. Almost a year later, we're still doing this, and I have no clue how to get out of her room. So that's been problem one.

THEN, to add to that, she comes in our room EVERY night in the middle of the night. We had her sleeping on a pallet or the couch in our room {just like Drew} and things were moving along. But now she cries if we try to put her on the couch, and we let her in the bed. And she won't go back. How did this happen?

Brent asked her the other day why she wouldn't sleep in her bed. Her response 'I sleep in the middle.' We are screwed.


Kathryn Bagley said...

bahahah I sleep in the middle..and she does!