Tuesday, August 4, 2020

One Word a Day: July 2020

July 1: I hit a move burn high of almost 900 calories today!

July 2: Today was the start of a 4-day weekend which was SO needed.

July 3: We enjoyed the pool today with neighbors because it turned into full-blown 100 degree summer here overnight.

July 4: Happy birthday, America!

July 5: I got to swim with Susie and Karin in Karin's pool, and I haven't been able to spend much time with her since baby Emmett was born in May, and it was MUCH needed girl time.

July 6: I really wish I had taken today off because I did NOT want to be back at work.

July 7: We had a random, unexpected rainstorm today which made the temperature fall into the 80s, and we spent a lot of time outside.

July 8: Today reminded me of early quarantine days where the kids were insane and I was so busy with work - it wasn't a fun day!

July 9: The kids had an impromptu sleepover with Brent's parents, and I sat on the couch for over 3 hours reading, it was glorious.

July 10: The girls and I got hair trims today, it was so nice and much needed!

July 11: It was SO hot today, we swam with friends and had dinner together.

July 12: After both girls falling off their bikes during a ride, another mom in the neighbor brought her pet turtle outside to distract my crying girls, #ittakesavillage

July 13: Brent was gone today working at his family's deer lease, and I worked and solo parented.

July 14: Our canvas prints arrived, and I love them so much.

July 15: My newest Target bathing suit came, and I swear this was a highlight of the whole summer.

July 16: Madison was here this week and the kids swam every day!

July 17: We went to see Brent's cousin and stay the weekend, they have the most amazing pool and backyard.

July 18: Lots of swimming and playing today - I think I spent 8 hours in the water today.

July 19: We drove home from Brent's cousin's today and were all tired.

July 20: I went for a run with Kelly today, and we ran 3.5 miles!

July 21: Today was insanely busy at work, ugh.

July 22: We went to see my parents today, and we hadn't seen them in several weeks.

July 23: Trent's bestie came over today for a 2-night sleepover, and the girls spent the night with Brent's parents.

July 24: Another busy day at work, sigh.

July 25: I took the kids to my parents and took them plus my sister's kids to the park for a fun adventure and traded Miles for the girls for the night.

July 26: It was a nice Sunday - traded kids with my sister, and I love when we can be together plus it was nice to relax after such a stressful work week!

July 27: I ran 3.75 miles today, this was a high for my running since COVID, and I started running again.

July 28: Today was the girls' recital AND book club - lots of fun!

July 29: Kelly and I ran again today - first time I've run twice in a week in forever, it felt great even though it was super tough.

July 30: We left on our coronacation today!

July 31: On our vacation today - we took a guided nature hike, spent a lot of time in the lake, made s'mores and watched The Little Rascals.


Kathryn Bagley said...

I can barely remember what I did yesterday so props to you for the whole month! That pool WAS amazing! Great job on the running!!

Erika said...

Ummmm I need to join you next time you visit the July 18 pool. Are you KIDDING me?! It looks incredible!! The semi-submerged lounge chairs?! GENIUS!!!

Natasha said...

You joined in again!!! :)

The eight hours in the pool sounds glorious as does the reading on the couch! Way to go on all the running. I'm so proud of you. And really wish I was a runner. Ha!!!