Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Currently: I Hate Online School

 Current Book

This is VERY interesting.

Current Song

Easier by 5 Seconds of Summer

Current TV Show

Current Podcast/Audiobook

Listened to this on audiobook...really fascinating!

Current Drink

I got this cocktail mix this weekend. It's currently marinading in my fridge.
I am so excited to try it!!

Current Food

Brent made fajitas tonight and they were EXCELLENT!

Current Shame-Inducing Pleasure

I have been eating A LOT of peanut butter m&ms. MUST STOP.

Current Outfit

Nothing exciting here - workout clothes!
I was hoping to get my new headband in the picture but obviously failed ha.

Current Celebrity Crush

Brent is FINALLY watching The Office with me. I am loving seeing Jim and Pam's love story unfold with someone who's never watched it. Love these 2!

Current Mood

I was being a little dramatic with my title, but school is STRESSING ME OUT.

Current Anticipation

We're starting to make plans for a little staycation in September, yay!

Current Wishlist

I need new jeans in a smaller size, so excited. I am debating trying this girlfriend jean style from Grace & Lace...

Current Film

Allison and I are working on our birthday movie plan, I will DEFINITELY have something to write about in the coming weeks. It's been SO LONG!

Current Picture

Park play with these 2 peanuts XOXO


Kathryn Bagley said...

Love those jeans! Yes get them!! Our theater opened up Monday I think?? SO excited!!! I miss going to the movies, the popcorn, the previews..all the things!!

Joanne said...

Those jeans are so cute! Our movie theaters are opening this weekend (or maybe next weekend?) but with only one movie playing we're not rushing out to see anything.

Natasha said...

Even though Catch And Kill was such a hard read I thought it was so good. And I need to know more about that drink mix. Is that picture yours? I'm intrigued...

Emily said...

Report back on these Camp cocktails! They always pop up as instagram ads and I desperately want someone to tell me if they are worth it. Also, as I commented in your other post, I 100% feel your title right now.