Friday, August 28, 2020

Five on Friday


School Pictures

I realized I never shared my babies' school pictures from last year! Look at how cute they are - didn't these turn out so great???


Nature Rules

I promise I won't write about every nature adventure the kids and I take {and I haven't!}, but over the weekend we went on a 2 mile trail and just had the BEST time. A lot of times Trent is grumpy and is rushing us to leave, but this time everyone got along really well and I was so proud of my little trio. We are right on pace for my goal of 20 with 12 under our belts!


Fall Activities

We're gearing up for some activities for all of the kids for the first time EVER. I'm so excited everyone has something they want to try, but I'm also curious how families coordinate more kids or more activities, ha!

Trent is going to play flag football for the first time - he has been obsessed with football for quite awhile, and I'm so excited to see him try!

Drew wants to go back to gymnastics - she's always only been so-so about dance. She's not competitive, so I'm not sure she'll ever enjoy a team sport - we tried soccer twice, and she definitely was NOT into it. She seems a little interested in volleyball, but all the leagues here start at 8. And we will get back into horseback riding too - she's going to be busy!

And Ms. Paige is ready to get back to ballet and tap!


Lots of Pee

Paige has been 100% out of diapers for about 6 weeks. She has had zero accidents until the last week. And the highlight of this week was when she peed in her bed around midnight and then peed in our bed at 4:30. It was also amazing when our super expensive Sleep Number special mattress pad leaked onto our new bed. Sigh. 

Luckily, our warranty covers replacing the mattress pad plus the bed cover! But I did not enjoy changing clothes and taking sheets off beds in the middle of the night or washing a TON of bedding and clothes and towels the next day!


Low Carb

I don't know if anyone has noticed my lack of weight loss updates...but it's because I am struggling and haven't had any losses to report, boo. I've actually gained back 6 pounds, and I'm so mad at myself.

I decided to do a couple of weeks of low carb to hopefully jump start getting back on track, and I've made it through 4 days. I've been really focusing on getting lots of vegetables in and 4 days in, I'm feeling really good! Definitely craving carbs and sugar, and I'll be happy to get back to macros in another week and a half ha. 


Natasha said...

We chose the exact same background as Drew's for Rachel's pictures last year!!! That makes me laugh :)

I'm sorry about all the pee. It will end at some point but hang in there until that point comes.

Erika said...

Their pictures are SO cute!!! And there is notttthing worse than the kid peeing in YOUR bed in the middle of the night. MISERY. Hope you like wearing pull-ups til you're 20, kid!!!

Emily said...

The pee made me laugh. Pee is the glitter of parenthood. It ends up everywhere. Also, I feel your weight loss (or lack thereof). I bumped back up to 150 and have spent a week or more in the 149-151 range. I am really working to give myself grace about it because a lot of shit is going on and this is how my body responds to stress. It's ok. We will get back into it. Promise.

Kathryn Bagley said...

The school pics are great! Sorry about the struggle with your weight but you're still working out and keeping at it so that's all that matters :)