Friday, August 14, 2020

Canyon of the Eagles

My mother-in-law and I have started a new tradition of taking a trip just us and the kids {we added Brent's niece to our crew}. This year we went to a resort about an hour away called Canyon of the Eagles. It is a resort focused on nature, which was right up my alley with my goals for 2020!

First things first upon arrival, poinsettias! 
{champagne + cranberry juice}

View from our balcony!

The first thing we did upon arrival was hit up the lake! We played for several hours, and it was a perfect spot. I forgot Paige's life jacket, but she could walk quite far out without any problems and swam back and forth between Janet and me a ton. The pool was closed and it was actually not a bad thing because it was 5' at the shallowest!

Building sandcastles

Later that night we went to the resort's observatory and got to view several things in space through the telescope. We got a close-up of the moon, and we also saw Jupiter and Saturn. It was so cool! Paige couldn't really figure out how to use the telescope, so she didn't enjoy it, but everyone else really liked it.

My bed partner!
Sleeping girls!
Bright and early Saturday, we went on a guided nature hike. This was the highlight of the trip for everyone! {Except poor Paige who was bored again and kept asking to go back 'home'}

Our guide, Willard
Willard was such an amazing guide! He patiently answered all our questions and taught us so much about the plants and animals we saw along the way!

This plant is super poisonous and 2 berries can kill a child!
I can't remember the name he told us in Italian, but it means beautiful killer!

Me and the big girls

My handsome boy!! {How is he 11?!?!}

Loved this view! Willard talked about it being FULL of flowers in the spring.
I really want to go back and see it all in bloom with Texas wildflowers!

Can you find the hearts??

This tiny performer found a stage and gave us a show {grin}

More drinks!

We went down to the lake again after lunch and spent several hours in the water. There's not much else you can do when it's 100 degrees. The water felt great and the kids had a blast playing!

After we ate, on the main patio they had s'mores and a movie under the stars. They showed The Little Rascals. The kids acted disinterested in the movie but loved it!
Gorgeous hill country sunset
We came home early Saturday morning - tired but happy! I can't wait to plan next summer's trip.


Natasha said...

Oh this looks like such a beautiful place to spend some time. What a fun weekend away!