Thursday, August 20, 2020

Back to School We Go: Our Annual Questionaire

It's that time again! We start school today! I asked the kids our annual questions, we all enjoying doing this every year, they were super eager to answer this year, and we had lots of giggles as we answered.09 

Favorite Color:

Trent: Blue

Drew: Light purple

Paige: Pink, blue, purple, and white

Favorite TV Show:

Trent: The Simpsons

Drew: The Baby Sitters Club

Paige: Barbie {she really watches a lot of YouTube videos}

Favorite Movie:

Trent: Ace Ventura 2

Drew: Frozen 2

Paige: Frozen 2

Favorite Toy:

Trent: iPad and laptop

Drew: Hatchimals

Paige: Barbies

Favorite Book:

Trent: The Hunger Games

Drew: Unicorn School

Paige: Pinkalicious

Favorite Food:

Trent: Whataburger

Drew: Toast and apples

Paige: Suckers

Favorite Place:

Trent: San Diego

Drew: New York {when we go}

Paige: Mommy's bed

Favorite Part of School:

Trent: Recess

Drew: Reading time

Paige: Nothing

Favorite Part of Summer:

Trent: Everything

Drew: Swimming

Paige: Swimming

Favorite Holiday:

Trent: My birthday

Drew: Valentine's Day

Paige: Presents

Favorite Thing to do with Mom:

Trent: Read

Drew: Snuggle

Paige: Snuggle and read books

Favorite Thing to do with Dad:

Trent: Watch old movies

Drew: Boss him around

Paige: Candy {She means he buys her candy}

Favorite Thing About Trent:

Drew: That he's my brother

Paige: Kisses

Favorite Thing About Drew:

Trent: How kind and sweet she is, how fun she is to be around, how energetic she is

Paige: Shoes

Favorite Thing About Paige:

Trent: How spoiled she is

Drew: That she's my sister

What Are You Going to be When You Grow Up:

Trent: Undecided

Drew: Baker

Paige: Ice cream

Who Are You Going to Marry:

Trent: Undecided

Drew: No one, I'm too young

Paige: Daddy

How Many Kids Will You Have:

Trent: 1, if any - I want to continue the Gurley name so if it's a girl I'll have to keep going

Drew: 2

Paige: 4


Erika said...

Awwww so sweet!! "Mommy's bed" is my favorite. Or maybe wanting to be ice cream when you grow up. :)

Lindsay C said...

When your kids are grown up you are going to have your fair share of sweets! I mean when I see ice cream I think ice cream shop owner and when I see baker I see a pastry chef or local bakery owner. Maybe the Girls can come together and collaborate with a Bakery/Ice Cream Shop! Like Gurley's Ganache or something like that!
Hope the kids have a great new school year! <3

Kathryn Bagley said...

Fun post-love Trent's answer on kids..ha! Hope they have a fabulous year!

Maru Gujarat said...

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Emily said...

I’m glad Trent is really liking The Hunger Games. I loved that series (well the end sucked but the rest was good).

Natasha said...

Okay, has Drew actually been to New York?!?! Also, I'm with Paige -- can I just be ice cream when I grow up? And Trent's answer on kids made me laugh so hard!!! And is Paige's favourite thing about Drew her shoes or something else???

Amber said...

Aww, this is cute! I live the record to look back on. I used to make videos with questions like this on the girls birthdays. I was thinking about doing it again. It's so fun to be able to look back at whi they were and what they liked!