Friday, February 14, 2020

Jobs I Dream About

Sometimes I will daydream about jobs that I think would be a lot of fun or a good fit for my personality. I basically fell into Accounting, so sometimes I wonder what I could be doing if 39-year-old Allena could go back and talk to 18-year-old Allena.

*Sidebar: Here's how I landed in Accounting. I started out without a major and my counselor suggested I try an Accounting class. It was really easy, and I did well in the class, so the professor told me about a 5-year program where you got your Bachelor and Master degree at the same time, had an internship, and walked away with a full-time job. It sounded really awesome, and the bonus was that Brent red-shirted his freshman year in golf, so I knew he'd be at his school for 5 years too. A&M was much closer to SFA than Austin was, so I applied to the program, got it, and here we are.*

1) Midwife or Doula - This one shouldn't surprise anyone who knows me or has read my blog for any length of time. I love everything about pregnancy, delivery, and newborn care [except being the one who has a newborn]. This is definitely the #1 'what if' I have. At one point, early in my career, I actually looked into going back to school to become an L&D nurse, but even with 2 degrees, I was lacking in so many pre-reqs I would have had to spend a lot of time getting those classes taken.

2) Librarian - I've always enjoyed reading, but the older I get, the more I LOVE reading. I also love to talk about books with people. Give and get recommendations, enjoy a great discussion about a book, all of it. I think I would be a good librarian!

3) Owning a Bookstore - Why not combine my business background with my love of books and own a bookstore? Wouldn't that be so fun! I know working retail is a lot of work, but this is my fantasy, so I'm going to focus on the fun. We have a really cute local bookstore that is owned by a group of women, and it's great - there is a cafe, they do an in-store book club, they host trivia nights - all of that sounds fabulous!

4) Barista - For years, I've thought it would be fun to work at a coffee shop. I could see myself doing this someday when I retire {or volunteering at a library, ha} - chat a little with people, make delicious drinks, so fun!

5) Owning a Boutique - Similar to a bookstore, I think it would be a fun life to own a little boutique. There is a nearby store that I'm obsessed with - 4 friends started it, and they each have a separate talent - one makes t-shirts, one makes wooden signs, one makes earrings, etc. - and have created such a fun store.

If you could do your dream job, what would you choose to do?


BG said...

Good grief, are you 90?

Allison said...

Ha! I loved this. I can’t remember if I found you or Emily first, but I relate a ton to this. I also fell into accounting (I’m still in public),
was almost a nurse (and love babies), reading, and while I love the idea of retail, my rational CPA recognizes the pitfalls. I like to read cozy mysteries, where the protagonist runs a shop that, in real life, I have trouble seeing how it would survive. I wouldn’t minddoing something with baking, I often don’t know what I’d do if I were to leave accounting, so here I stay.

Emily said...

This is such a very fun prompt! I would love to do my own post but realistically that isn’t going to happen. A few of my dream careers over time: own a wine & tapas bar (modeled after my favorite place in philly), be a bartender (a la Coyote Ugly lol), librarian, adjunct college professor (maybe when kids are all in school?), and I’m sure there’s more but that’s off the top of my head. We have some similarities (barista/bartender, bookstore/boutique/bar, librarian) but I have no desire to be a midwife/doula. I couldn’t deal with the stress and I would never recover from a birth-gone-wrong (sadly still happens even with great advancements in medicine). Overall, very interesting!

Emily said...

Also I never read others comments but this time happened to glance and who the fuck is BG and why the fuck do you dreams indicate that you are 90?