Thursday, February 6, 2020

Drew's Horseback Riding Adventures

I realized I have mentioned Drew doing horseback riding, but I haven't really talked about it much, so I thought it'd be something worth blogging about.

Drew has been saying for MONTHS that she wanted to take horseback riding lessons. I have no idea where this idea started for her, but once she decided she wanted to do it, she asked about it non-stop.

You can even see here on the first day of school
{before she'd ever ridden a horse}, her chosen profession:
Horseback riding instructor

I wasn't opposed to her trying it out, but we had just signed up for 2 dance classes and adding another activity felt time consuming AND expensive. However, she then got wishy-washy about one of the dance classes that we had just signed up for, so I used horseback riding as a bribe to get her to really give her class a good effort, and it worked!

There is a family that used to be at our school that gives lessons at their home. Given they are a family business and work from their home, it made the lesson price a little cheaper. I thought this was a great way to try it out for the first time!

At Drew's first lesson, she spent a lot of time learning about the care of animals. She groomed her horse, cleaned out his hooves, etc. She also learned their body parts and safety with them.

She then learned how to lead the horse - she thought this was neat to be able to get the horse to walk with her.

Drew and Brown Betty

Then she finally got to get on the horse and walk around the ring and yard! She was in heaven! She started to learn how to use her body and reins to control the horse.

Her second lesson she spent a lot more time on the horse, and we talked about learning to trot and even run {eventually}.

THEN the owners asked me if Drew would be interested in spending 2 hours working - grooming the horses, feeding them, cleaning out the stalls, and really getting to learn all about owning and caring for horses which would then be followed with a lesson. She was SO excited to do this!

What happens after you spend 3 hours working with horses?

She was so sore after that lesson and having such a great time!

One really big benefit to horseback riding that I have learned {from a mom friend who is a trauma therapist with 3 daughters who all take lessons} is that girls who ride horses lose their virginity 5 years later than the average! She told me she had read some research on this through her work, and now I can't wait to sign Paige up too, ha.

Anyway, that is a little more about Drew's newest hobby. She is really loving it and has SUCH a way with animals. This girl has such a gentle heart. I don't know if she'll want to do this for 2 months or 20 years, but I love watching her.


Kathryn Bagley said...

I love this so much! There's something I've seen (and heard) about working with horses that is so peaceful and calming. We have an organization here (HATS-horse assisted therapy services) that uses horse therapy with disabled individuals/kids. It's a great program and the horses really sense what's going on. I'm so excited for her!!

Emily said...

Interesting! I took horseback riding lessons in middle school. I won’t elaborate on my virginity / sexual exploration but I’ll summarize that I would be bringing down that 4 year average ha. I’m sure that the psychology of horseback riding (independence, control, etc) probably offsets the teen urge to have sex for approval. Either way, I think it’s a great hobby to have!