Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Book Worm

I had some fun book worm things to talk about - and I know almost everyone who reads my blog will agree that being a book worm is fun. {grin}

1) Y'all know I am a giant Harry Potter nerd and would find nothing more enjoyable than making references to the HP world all day. Well, I was on a conference call one time at work and made a crack about wishing I was a Griffyndor but knowing I'm really a Hufflepuff. I mean who doesn't WANT to be a Griffyndor?!?! Well, crickets. NO ONE I WAS TALKING TO HAD EVER READ HARRY POTTER. I was in shock but also a little embarrassed that I made this little crack with words that sounded like gobbledy-gook that no one understood ha. BUT to make matters worse, I tried the same little joke a few weeks later with a different group of people and GOT THE SAME REACTION. #killmenow

2) I found this printable on IG and thought it would be really fun to fill in throughout the year. I'm struggling already though to decide my favorite for January. I'm debating between The Printed Letter Bookshop and A Place For Us. The Printed Letter Bookshop was just a fabulous read [nerd alert, I wanted to use the word delightful, but I use that too often describing books, so I looked up synonyms ha] that made my heart happy while A Place For Us most certainly did NOT make my heart happy but was very powerful and moving and impactful... Can I have a tie?

3) I've really gotten into updating/using Goodreads. I never really understood the purpose before, but I downloaded the app and am having fun seeing what other people are reading, instantly updating my 'Read' shelf or 'Want to Read' shelf {which I can tell is going to grow to be huge}, rating books in the moment, and reading others' reviews. I set a goal for the year of 100 books {less than 2018, more than 2019}, and I like that it keeps track of where I am in relation to the goal {currently 1 behind the pace, AAAAAHHHH}. Anyone want to be my friend? HA.

4) A little bit related to #3, if I 100% read or listen to my child read a book, even if it's a bit on the easy side but over 100 pages...should I count it toward my goal? For example, Drew and I finished the 2nd Babysitter Club book last night. It was over 150 pages, and I read it all out loud to her. Now on the flip-side, T read some of Just Mercy to himself {and got in trouble for it since I had specifically told him he couldn't read that alone since I wasn't sure if it was too mature for him and have definitely edited out some sentences when reading together}, so I wouldn't count that towards my goal. Thoughts?

Any super nerdy book worm stories you want to share?


StephTheBookworm said...

I love Goodreads. I kept getting invitations to it years ago and ignored them, then I finally joined in 2010 and couldn't live without it now. It's the only way I track books these days and I love the challenges.
I would count a kid's book that's 150 pages! I count middle school age books / chapter books in my challenge. I just don't count picture books. :)
Cannot believe people didn't understand the HP references. COME ON, PEOPLE! Have they been living under a rock?

Anonymous said...

Goodreads keeps me from reading books I’ve already read. That’s a winner in my book! AP

Erika said...

Love this post. I am appalled that you had to interact with TWO GROUPS OF PEOPLE where no one was familiar with HP!!! Like what on earth. I was super late to reading HP (only like 6-7 years ago), but even before I read them I knew about the houses and general reputations of each, because like I live in this culture and not under a rock??? So I don't know how entire groups of people might have missed that not-exactly-passing trend. I love that you're using Goodreads more!! It's my favorite. I am currently 3 behind my pace for the year, so that's causing some anxiety, haha. Luckily I have a big stack of mostly quick reads, so hopefully I'll knock it out and be back on par soon! And I have a friend who solved your question in #4- she homeschools her kids and wanted to keep track of the books they read together, as well as rate them so that she'd remember in the future if she liked them enough to read with the next kid- but doesn't want them impacting her personal reading goal. I just can't remember what she does. I texted her when she replies, I'll text you her solution, haha!! :)

Emily said...

Ha I’m not particularly surprised that your coworkers didn’t know HP. I think it’s a very concentrated obsession and only certain kind of people really dive into that world. There’s only two people I know in real life who I’d call real HP freaks. I know I lot more Star Wars freaks than HP freaks.