Monday, February 24, 2020

Currently: Rainy Days

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Yes, another Jazzercise song
Talk - Why Don't We

Current TV Show

Netflix for the win, again!

Current Podcast

This is what I'm starting next!
1619” is a New York Times audio series, hosted by Nikole Hannah-Jones, that examines the long shadow of American slavery.

Current Drink

Had an Arnold Palmer today and it was fabulous.
But did you know there is a spiked Shirley Temple?
A Shirley Temple was my favorite drink as a kid, and I must try the spiked one!

Current Food

I had a Chipotle salad for dinner, and it was PERFECTION!
Starting a juice cleanse tomorrow ha.

Current Shame-Inducing Pleasure

I'm really enjoying listening to the audiobooks for Outlander.
I know it's super nerdy, but they are great to listen to.
I'm getting ready for the 9th book that will come out this year {hopefully} - 
it's been since 2014 that we've had an Outlander book, so I'm getting excited!

I'm currently on disk 9 of 36 for the 3rd book!

Current Outfit

Well this is embarrassing - but not surprising - 
I'm wearing the same t-shirt as last month. {grin}

Current Celebrity Crush


Current Mood

I'm freaking out just a little - 
I got a new phone from work last week - I cracked the screen on my old phone.
Well, I swear when I checked it after restoring it, all my pictures were there.
I have from October 2019 onward.
And now they aren't. I'm relatively certain all of them are on my computer,
but I loved having so many of the older pictures on my phone.

Current Anticipation

Starting to plan for Spring Break for the kiddos!
Planning a day trip with friends to a state park
and hopefully a zoo trip with my cousin.

Current Wishlist

As evidenced by my outfit above, I need some new clothes.
Brent even gave me money for Christmas just for that purpose.
But I'm dead-set on being at least a size

Current Film

This has too many actors that I like to not go see it!

Current Picture

Finally went and got paint samples for Drew's room!


Emily said...

Yay two books I’ve read! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts! So on the phone thing, I remember it took days upon days to pull all my photos off the cloud back onto the phone. I would think a week would be enough time by now? On the clothes front and getting smaller... I’ve been the same weight for 2 weeks now and I’m getting annoyed. I’m planning a caloric push for this week and hoping that’ll help a little. This is the best time of year for me to lose weight because we don’t have a lot of social events packed with food/drink.