Friday, February 28, 2020

Five on Friday


Trent got a new bed!

We are still slowing doing all the 'fun' stuff on the kids' room switcheroo.
One thing we need for Trent was a new bed. 
He originally wanted bunk beds, but Brent and I decided we didn't want them.
So we found a really cool steel and wood bed, and we put it together this week.
And Trent loves it! We did get him a Queen-size so he can grow into it.
I can't wait to put some stuff on the walls and get him a new bookshelf.

[Yes, he will be getting a queen-sized mattress, ha]

Me and White Supremacy

I just read this amazing book but it comes with daily reading and prompts.
I think it would be really interesting to do with a small group.
Would anyone want to read this with me and answer the questions together?
I think it'll be hard to be totally honest with our own part in racism...
but also really helpful keeping us dedicated to anti-racism work?


Sleep Number

After many, many months of talking about needing a new mattress...
literally forever - 
I think I mentioned needing a new mattress multiple times in Currently posts - 
we bought a sleep number mattress and get it next week!!!!
We had actually looked at Sleep Number before Christmas, 
and of course my favorite was one of the most expensive ones ha.
There was a huge President's Day sale and we saved 50%!!!

I'll share all about it once we get it. {grin}



Paige had her first snow a few weeks ago!
Being Texas it was the tiniest of dustings, but the kids were SO excited!


The Heartbeat Challenge

Guess who's about to get another Jazzercise tanktop for another challenge?
If you guessed me, you're right!

21 classes in 29 days for Heart Health Month. Killing it!


Emily said...

I love the idea of the daily reading and prompts! Unfortunately my reading is sporadic at best right now as I’m still swimming through the new baby life. Also the chick in the Strong Body Strong Heart photo looks a lot like you and for a moment I thought it was!

StephTheBookworm said...

I LOVE his new bed! I love anything and everything that's wood.